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The Year 2000 Widecombe Fair was held at Widecombe-in-the-Moor on Tuesday 12th September 2000.

tractors.gif (112944 bytes)As usual there was a full programme of events in the Fair Showground as well as a great many stalls and other attractions. The Village Green was full of stalls of all different types and various charities were supported through activities at the Old Rectory and Southcombe Villa.

announcer.gif (89370 bytes)Anthony did his usual sterling job on the Public Address System.

There were crowds of people attending and most local schoolchildren had the day off school (no buses running because of the special road system in operation on Fair Day). However, the fuel crisis, which took us all by surprise over the weekend just before, kept quite a few people away. There was no petrol at all to be had locally.

However, who is bothered about that! If you had the stamina for it you could stay to be entertained from 9.00 in the morning until midnight!

tom_cobley1.gif (108183 bytes)Tom Cobley spent the day in the saddle of his grey mare.

ram_escapes.gif (181569 bytes)The sheep classes were well supported and judging was difficult. One ram managed to escape from his harness, but fortunately he seemed quite calm and was soon caught.


ram_waiting1.gif (132713 bytes) ram_waiting2.gif (155338 bytes) ram_waiting3.gif (180250 bytes) ram_waiting4.gif (167112 bytes)
sheep_judge1.gif (137811 bytes) sheep_judge2.gif (166920 bytes) sheep_judge3.gif (138649 bytes) final_brush.gif (161811 bytes)

horses_judging1.gif (118128 bytes)The horse and pony classes caused great interest throughout the morning.


stick_company1.gif (187677 bytes)rural_skills.gif (149858 bytes)There were some really interesting stalls on the Showground. I didn't get pictures of them all, but the Dartmoor Stick Company and the Rural Skills Trust stood out.

Widecombe School maypole dancing was once again a great success.

recipes.gif (63480 bytes)The Friends of the School were also selling their Recipe Book - and having a good time too, by the looks of it.

The Dog Show was highly amusing: at least ten very serious classes, such as "The Dog With the Waggiest Tail".

The Tom Cobley novelty race -which involves being dropped off at some secret point at the top of Widecombe Hill and then making your way down as quickly as possible through fields, across hedges and ditches etc, was won by Edward Lamb amazingly quickly. Did he fly down? First home for the ladies was ******. Lloyd Mortimore won the veteran class!! Well done to all of them.

The gymkhana was great fun during the afternoon and enthusiastically supported by both those taking part and the spectators.

criers1.gif (148265 bytes)crier2.gif (101308 bytes)There was a 'Town crier' competition and we were graced with some elegantly dressed visitors as a result (I don't think they be locals).

The Cow Pat competition delivered the goods as usual.

The Bale Tossing for both women and men was a great attraction. There is definitely a technique involved!

The evening finished with the annual tug o' war and then the disco through 'til midnight. Then back home to recover ready for next year!

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