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Each month we will publish here the best of the pictures you send us with a seasonal and local Widecombe theme. Over the year we should get a good cross-section of Widecombe life.

PLEASE SEND US YOUR PICTURES. Email them to  pictures   @   widecombe-in-the-moor.com (disguised email)

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March 2000 Swaling at the top of Widecombe Hill. Featuring a well-known local thespian. Is he in control?

Swaling is the process of burning off the gorse or heather to enable the fresh grass underneath to grow and to prevent the gorse from taking over.

April 2000 The hanging of the mural to cover the view of the bell tower inside the church whilst the tower renovation is in progress was a big achievement. This is what it looks like  
May 2000 A difficult month - lots to choose from (Bells, Beating Bounds, Fun Run). In case you are not sure, this is the start of the Junior Fun Run.
June 2000 Another good month for photos. Lots of possibilities from the beating of the bounds, but we have chosen one from the flower festival.
July 2000 The School Fete on the village green was a great success despite the rain. Here, one nose looks pretty much like another!
August 2000 The village held a party in celebration of the Queen Mother's 100th birthday. This is our oldest inhabitant cutting the cake.
September 2000 Yet another busy month with the capsule burying, Widecombe Fair and the Tithe Map inspection. We opted for the capsule, even though there are also some splendid pictures of Widecombe Fair (see the report page)
October 2000 Floods dominated the country in October (and on to November). Although we fared better than most because of our high elevation, there were localised problems. This is a road not a river. The bridge is over the Webburn which had swelled and overflowed its banks.
November 2000 A quiet month, dominated by rain! This was a rare clear sunset over Corndon Down early in the month. The temperature was dropping fast and was almost at freezing point when this was taken.
December 2000 This month's picture has to reflect the White Christmas. It is a view of Widecombe Village Green.
Early February 2001 Slight cheating here!

The snowdrops in the valley in early February 2001 just could not be overlooked.

March 2001 This is a lovely picture sent to us from Germany after a visit to Widecombe. The contributor's god-child commented 'There is a horse in the fog'. Can you spot it?
April 2001 Not many foot & mouth pictures around us, but we should record something. The fence cuts off the car parks and the signs are everywhere
August 2001 Heather on the moorland is beautiful at the moment
September 2001 Two excellent pictures of Widecombe Village Green supplied by Tor Schofield

June 2002 Balloon release at the Jubilee celebrations in Widecombe
July 2002 Meadowsweet, a common wild flower in Devon and Dartmoor sites, especially damp places
August 2002 Scabious (click on the picture for a larger image - well worth the small waiting time!!)
October 2002 Cones on a conifer in our garden. If you can identify it, we would like to hear from you.
March 2003 Spring lambs in the Widecombe valley from Tracey Elliot-Reep
November 2003 Mel Harrison has sent in several lovely photos: Ponies on Widecombe Green, the tree-seat on the Green and autumn leaves - again photographed on Widecombe Green.

February 2004 Adrian Sampson sent some pictures in a while ago. This is an unusual one of the Green taken from the vicinity of the Church House.
June 2004 Widecombe in the twilight. This picture was taken after the hottest day of last August as the last of the light disappeared to the west. The picture is looking across the valley from the east.
December 2004 Pictures of Widecombe in the summer taken by Gavin on his holiday over from Australia

February 2005 Pictures taken by Ian Lyell of Plymouth

May 2005 Interior of St Pancras Church by Vin Malone of Sheffield
June 2005 The Old Inn and the shops around the west end of  Widecombe Green, sent in by Daron Hughes.
August 2005 Various views of Widecombe taken in glorious Autumn sunshine, last November, by Robert Creecy

February 2006 Amazing hoar frost on the Moor. The daytime temperature was -4 celsius.

June 2006 Nice views of Widecombe Green kindly sent in by Paul Kerrigan.

April 2007 Aerial view of Widecombe village taken early April by me.
October 2008 View of Widecombe Church from Widecombe Hill in late October.
July 2009 View of Widecombe Church from Widecombe Green sent in by Peter and Doreen Thompson.
June 2012 View of Widecombe Valley and outcrop near Chinkwell Tor.
February 2013 View of Widecombe Valley from Tunhill Rocks.
July 2014 A Bygone Era: An Austin 7 passes by Widecombe Church. Sent in by Alan Rawson. Taken in September 2013.

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