Widecombe in World War One - The Fallen

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Those Who Fell in the War

In these pages we are remembering those people from the Widecombe parish who gave their lives in World War One.

The idea is to publish information about their life and their war record.

The pages will be built up over the next few years with the intention that those who died in 1915 will be available during 2015, those that died during 1916 will be available during 2016, etc. No one from the parish died in 1914.

The 1915, 1916 and 1917 fallen are now complete and live.

Map showing home locations of those who fell

Roll of Honour

A Roll of Honour has been prepared to honour all those in the Widecombe area who served in the First World War.

Death Penny

A memorial plaque was issued to every next-of-kin of a person who died as a result of the First World War. The History Group has acquired the memorial plaque of Sydney Arthur West who was a Leusdon resident who died in the conflict. A picture of this plaque will be found below as well as the envelope that each plaque was issued in (both pictures courtesy of David Ashman.)


Thanks to the following members of the Widecombe History Group who have put so much work into this project:

  • Peter Rennells
  • John Kimber
  • David Ashman

Thanks to the Nosworthy family

Thanks to Leonard Sellers for permission to use the RND extracts

Thanks to Peter Rennells for permission to reproduce his picture 'Remembrance'.

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