Parish Council Minutes November 2017

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                                                                  Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday 2 November 2017 in Church House, Widecombe
Present: Councillor Booty (Chairman for this meeting), Hassell, Lomax, Morley, Routley, Southcombe & Welby
Members of the Public: One
Clerk: Suzanna Hughes
In the absence of the Chairman, it was agreed unanimously that the Vice Chairman, Cllr Booty, should Chair the meeting.
• Cllr Newbolt-Young
• Cllr G Fenton
• District Cllr Jeffery
A parishioner informed members that her planning application was going to be discussed by members at item 4214 (a)(iii) and she would be happy to answer any questions they might have. She also distributed copies of two documents which could not be viewed on the internet due to their sensitive nature. She stated she was unclear why they had been deemed sensitive by DNPA and was happy for these documents to be made public.
Members were reminded of their responsibility to continually update their Notice of Registerable Interests and to declare any disclosable interests, including the nature and extent of such interests they have in any items to be considered at this meeting. Unforeseen requests for a Dispensation to be considered at this point only if there was no way a Councillor would have been aware of such before the meeting. There were no declarations of interest or requests for dispensation.
Members received the minutes of the meeting of 5 October 2017 which were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and correct record.
No report.
Cllr Gribble reported that the fencing, sign posts and gates damaged by stolen vehicles which he reported last month were still to be repaired. He had also noted that there is a pothole at Jordan which needs repairing which Cllr Southcombe had reported to him. He also offered his financial support towards the cost of tree works on the green (item 4213 (c).
Cllr Jeffery was not able to attend the meeting but had sent some recycling statistics as requested at the last meeting which were noted by members. Cllr Booty added that he had been informed that 100% of rubbish sent for recycling is recycled.
(a) Cllr Southcombe reported that the defibrillator training had been very successful. 25 from Widecombe attended and 3 from Holne.
(b) Cllr Hassell reported that with regard to the communication sign up page, he had sent out a test message which was successful and he therefore hoped that it could go live soon. He will work with Cllr Morley to agree the details. He also suggested distributing some leaflets around the parish advertising the sign-up page. This was agreed by members.
(a) Widecombe Fair
Cllr Welby advised that Widecombe Fair Committee had not considered the draft contract yet and it
was therefore agreed to defer this item until the next meeting.
(b) Mobile phone coverage
Having expressed a desire to pursue the rural micro cell project with EE, members were asked to identify any locations or buildings which EE could explore to site a micro cell. The following locations were suggested: public toilets (would need permission from TDC), tennis court floodlights, TETRA mast site, Willow Cottage and the Church.
(c) Tree works, Widecombe Green
Members were advised that DNPA has agreed for the works to be carried out on the trees on the green and Geoff Partridge had submitted a quote of £300 to carry out these works. The quote was accepted by members.
(d) Parish Field Grazing Licence
It was agreed that the grazing licence should be advertised to begin on 1 April and to run until 30 November. All tenders will be considered by members in their meeting on 1 March.
(a) New applications/appeals:
(i) 0491/17 - Renovation of existing pig house and creation of small garden a Land adjacent to, and south of, 2 Manor Cottages, Widecombe-in-the-Moor
Members agreed to support this application.
(ii) 0514/17 - Removal of mobile home, demolition of residential accommodation and erection of replacement residential accommodation at Café on the Green, Widecombe-in-the-Moor
Members agreed to support this application.
(iii) 0534/17 - Land at Newcott Farm Cottages, Poundsgate
Erection of agricultural building (13.7m x 9.1m)
Members agreed to support this application.
(b) Decisions:
(i) 17/0055 - Proposed tree works, Widecombe Green
Members noted that DNPA had approved the proposed works
(ii) 0424/17 - Conversion of former barn to holiday let, Cordonford Farm, Poundsgate
Members noted that DNPA has granted listed building consent.
(iii) 0422/17 - First floor extension above rear lean-to and raising of roof on side elevation of house and change of use of barn to a holiday let, Higher Sherwell Farm, Poundsgate
Members noted that DNPA has granted conditional planning permission.
Members received and approved the following payment for approval:
Cheque no 000965 - Clerk’s salary and disbursements - £229.45
12.1 Members noted the date of the Parish Lengthsman’s visit on 10 November for 3.5 days. It was suggested that the Parish Council requests that the following matters are added to their schedule of works:
• The drainage gully on Dartmeet hill towards the cattle grid is full of leaves and rubbish which means that the water runs across the road which if it freezes creates a dangerous sheet of ice.
• There has recently been some flooding on the road below Langworthy. This used to be quite bad but following some clearance a few years ago there was great improvement until the flooding earlier this year. It was suggested that the Lengthsman ensures these are cleared ready for the winter.
• The flooding of the road between Chittleford Cross and Dunstone is a perennial problem. The edges of the road need digging out and the drains clearing to reduce the flooding on this stretch of highway. • Water is often running down the hill past Lower Blackaton. If there are blocked buddle holes here, clearing them out could ease the problem.
• There is a buddle hole on the wall adjacent to Vancouver on Bonehill Lane which the Lengthsman always used to clear out but hasn't in recent times 4217 CORRESPONDENCE (a) Members noted that the next Dartmoor National Park Forum will be held on 24 November and items for the agenda were requested. The clerk was asked to find out who should be attending these forums and the types of things which are discussed. Cllr Southcombe stated that she could attend if appropriate.
(b) Members received the dates of a series of open meetings to talk about land which has been identified for development in Dartmoor’s largest settlements. Cllr Lomax stated that she was available to attend the meeting in Buckfastleigh.
There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.30pm.
Signed ………………………………………….. Dated ……………………………………….
The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Thursday 4 January 2018 at 7.30pm.

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