Devon Remembers - World War I 1914 to 1918

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The Widecombe History Group have researched the lives of those men from the Parish of Widecombe who fought in the First World War as our part of the county-wide project “Devon Remembers”.

Led by Peter Rennells, John Kimber and David Ashman, the research has discovered much about the lives of those who went to war, who they were, where they lived, where they fought, where they died, the families they left behind and what happened to those that returned. We are going to bring their memories alive again in a book so that they are no longer just names on a plaque or on a scroll.

There is a Commemorative Plaque in St Pancras Church naming the men who died during the Great War, and we have now added a scroll listing all the men form the parish who fought. It is the latter document which will form the basis for the book mentioned earlier.

We still want/need more information and more importantly pictures of the men we have identified on the Roll of Honour. If you have anything you think may help, in the first instance telephone Peter Rennells on 01364 621302 or Send us an email.

There are separate individual web pages on this site containing short biographies of the men from Widecombe Parish who died in the Great War, they are added individually in the year of the centenary of the man’s death.: See Widecombe - The Fallen.

Following the publication of the book, the project will scale down, but it will never close completely. We will always be grateful for additional memories of family members or artefacts from the Great War, or any other item that relates to the history of our Parish.

Please contact us if you have, or want, any information, or you have something which you think should be preserved for future generations of Widecombe residents.

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