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A group of volunteers at the Widecombe History Group have been engaged since early 2011 in the digitising of the Parish Archive, mainly the contents of the Parish Chest. The digitising process consists of both scanning the, sometimes very old, documents and cataloguing their contents. The first phase of this project is nearing completion.

It has always been the aim to make these digitised assets available to the wider public and without any form of permanent home the best way to achieve this is with a website. Accordingly we are pleased to announce that there is now a website where the assets that are ready and eligible for public viewing can be looked at and searched through.

This website can be viewed at Widecombe Archive.


February 2014: We have now completed the first phase of this project. The Widecombe Parish Chest contents (including the Apprenticeship records), the Widecombe Church headstones catalogue and the tithe apportionments are all now accessible online.

February 2016: Five years now completed and we are well on our way through the History Group's own archive. We are adding to the documents etc available online as regularly as we can so keep checking back with the archive to see what is there.

We encourage you to visit the site and let us know what you think.

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