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A copy of the Widecombe Tithe Map is stored in the Church House. This is an original copy (if that is not a contradiction!) marked 'No 2' and made in 1845.  It measures approximately 12 feet by 13 feet in size.

widemap1.gif (207936 bytes)The scale is believed to be 3 chains to the inch (1 chain = 22 yards). The whole parish is shown on the map, as is every dwelling and every field. This picture shows Widecombe village. The field numbers correspond to the entries in the Book of Tithes, which is in our Parish Chest. All of the fields have names, which are listed in the Book.

On the right is the certificate of authenticity from the map.map_certificate.gif (143326 bytes)

map_north.gif (104997 bytes)The map is skewed some degrees off the north/south line in order to minimise the dimensions. The picture also shows the map scale.

map_damage_1.gif (220516 bytes)map_damage_3.gif (237541 bytes)The map has not been viewed for approximately 20 years and is believed to be in some need of restoration. These pictures show its current condition.map_damage_2.gif (156653 bytes)

The History Group unrolled the Map and put it on display in the Church House on September 18th 2000. There was a visit due to take place on that day by a professional conservator from the Devon Records Office to view the map and advise on its restoration.map_inspection.gif (137286 bytes)

On viewing the map it is clear that some work is needed. The map was originally hand drawn in separate sections and then glued or fixed onto a canvas backing. The canvas is torn in places and the sheets are coming away from it in others. There is also some dirt and other stain marks on the paper, although not that much considering its age. The result is that the map can be restored by the conservators and this will take place within the next three years.

The Map has now been re-rolled, wrapped in calico and returned to its box ready for the restoration. We will keep you informed of its progress.

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