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Folio Reference


Document Date          

Document Type



Removal Order

(Please Tick)        

Other (Please Name)







Fore Name(s)          

Where Born  

Date/Year Born          



Age At Interview*        

Who First Apprenticed To:  

Age/Year started Apprenticeship    


Fore Name(s)  

Apprenticed to what Age/Year*


Stated Occupation      

Their Residence  

Age/Year left Apprenticeship*


To Work Where      

To Do What      






Age/Year married*    

Spouse's Name


PLEASE TURN OVER * Right-Hand Box: C=Circa, D=Deduced,Blank=Stated

Examined By  










Total Number:












Other Apprenticeships/Occupations/Residences

Total Number:




Who with


How Long






Other comments

Notes on form completion

In order to cross-refer the completed forms to the original documents, we need some form of unique reference and one that enables us to find the original relatively easily.

The documents do not currently have a unique reference on them and we do not want to deface the documents in any way.

We have therefore decided to sort the documents; perhaps in date or surname order, or type of document combined with one of the other orders. We could then place the documents suitably divided into a number of the calico pouches that have been produced, which from now on will be called 'Folios'. Perhaps there should be no more than 20 documents per Folio (??agree).

As we fill the Folios, we will use a permanent ink to mark a number on the Folio in a standard position. We can then take the Folios in turn and use the documents to capture the data onto the forms., marking the Folio reference on the form in the box provided. When storing the information from the form into the database, we will use a combination of the folio number, surname and date as a complete reference. This will enable anyone who consults the information to easily find out which Folio contains the original document and further to fairly easily locate the actual document form within the Folio.

Make sure that documents from which information has been take and those not yet studied are kept separate and you know which is which. Remember you cannot mark the documents in any way.

Different documents contain differing amounts of information. Even the same type of document varies considerably in the amount of information it carries. Do not worry if you appear to be completing few boxes. You can only complete the box when information is available.

Where age details are required on the form, we have provided a box to indicate with a 'C' whether the details are circa or approximate and with a 'D' where the details have been deduced. Where the age is explicitly stated leave this box blank. Furthermore, it does not generally matter whether you provide the age or the year, so use whatever information is provided on the document (it is also quite possible to get no idea of age at all).

Where the total number of children (with details) and of other occupations, exceed the number of columns provided, please enter the extra details in the 'Other Comments' box and mention what the details are.

If the form does not seem to give you enough space, please use an extra sheet of paper to record the additional details.

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