History Group Minutes January 2018

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Dartmoor Christmas Trees

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           Meeting of the Widecombe History Group was held at The Church House, Widecombe, on Wednesday, 10th January 2018
Peter Carrett took the Chair. There were 30 members present.
Apologies: Patrick Garvey, Paula Stephens, John & Zena Lowe, Mike & Mo Wright, Arthur & Rosemary Wrayford, Serena Walcot, John Southcombe and John Walling, Derek and Lyn Hext
The Minutes of the meeting in December 2017 had been circulated. It was agreed that they  should be signed.
Matters Arising. 
Pig House and Heritage Garden.  Roger reported that the Planning Permission had come through.  Grants have been received from the Dartmoor Community Fund and Parishscapes and we are now free to begin the work.  Rodney Mortimore will start the work soon.  The first job is to remove some of the limbs from an adjoining tree, David French was scheduled to do that on18th January.  
Alphabet Book. Ann Claxton reported that many sales had happened over Christmas.  We now have only 69 of the 350 books left.
Christmas Tree Competition.  The History Group’s entry in the Christmas Tree Competition came third and congratulations were offered to the team.  WHG  theme was ‘Under The Sea’.  The Widecombe Bellringers had the winning entry.  Terry French was thanked for supplying the tree. 
Terry’s Teaser. 
The teaser for next month is “Where is Cap Corner?”
History As It Happens
The Christmas Tree competition and other church collections raised £1,340 for charity which was donated to two children’s hospices.  A canoeist was drowned in the River Dart recently.  There was a motor accident at Barron Hill Corner when a four wheel drive vehicle ended up in Sarah Pool on the River Dart.  Sympathy was extended to two of our History Group Members, Arthur and Rosemary Wrayford, who lost a barn and all the contents in a fire.  It is suspected that the fire was arson, one of about six to happen in their area.
Any Other Business
Christine Lamb is organising a get together of pupils who were at Widecombe  Primary School in the 1950’s. 
Thanks were expressed to Kirsty Peake for the latest edition of the Newsletter.
A forty foot artistic ladder had been placed in the Natsworthy valley on the skyline recently.  It is now been removed.
An email had been received from Di Cameron who was concerned that we had given the wrong impression in our previous minutes about improvements that the National Trust are doing to the Church House.  These consist only of lighting in the downstairs room.  Di was concerned that people may think that, if improvements are carried out, there would be no need for a new village hall, she hoped the community would support a new village hall.
Tim Whitten spoke on behalf of the Committee to urge members to consider volunteering to take over the role of organising speakers and outings when Marcia retires from the post later in the year.  Ideally the new person or persons should be in place by May.  Later in the meeting, two volunteers came forward.  Rose Mortimore and Helen Barrow who will split the work between them.  Thanks to Rose and Helen. 
Peter Carrett asked if the members would like another Stover Lunch soon.  The response was favourable and he will look into it.
New Year Party
The members enjoyed a ‘bring and share’ supper with non-alcoholic mulled wine provided by Kirsty and Alan Peake.  Thanks to them for the punch and all the members who provided refreshments.
Project Time
Roger opened Project Time by showing a spoof video of Arthur Wrayford supposedly taking part in the Red Bull ‘Empire of Dart’ cycle trial on his farm.  Much enjoyed by everyone.  Roger then showed a mystery photo labelled ‘Frank Nosworthy and Mrs D Nosworthy at the Devon County show,members thought it was taken at Widecombe Fair. We were then shown a selection of paintings and photos of Brook Lane and a photo of two young girls sitting by the Well with a possible Ash House in the background. The Group had received a query about a man sitting outside the Sexton’s Cottage with a pipe, this was Oliver Townsend.  Roger showed a portion of the 1885 map of the Parish which mentioned Chittleford Works.  These were thought to be tin workings, which were the main source of wealth on the farm at one time.  Fifty years ago the pop group, The Beatles, tried to get to Widecombe Fair and their coach got stuck on Newbridge.  Recently a group from Germany hired a coach to re-enact this event and we were shown their photos.  Their coach was slightly smaller and got over the bridge with no trouble.  Project Time ended with some excerpts from Robert Dymond’s book in dialect.  These were read by Terry and Roger and introduced us to several new words.
The meeting closed at 9.35pm.
Diary Dates
Tuesday, 6th February.  Princetown History Group.
Wednesday, 7th February.  Coffee Morning at Leusdon Memorial Hall.  10.00–12.00
Wednesday, 7th February.  7.30pm. Widecombe History Group. Robert Hesketh. Armageddon and 1918.  The Last 100 Days.
Wednesday 14th February Dunstone Chapel Soup and Cake Lunch, 12 noon – 3pm

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