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              Annual General Meeting of the Widecombe History Group, The Church House, Widecombe, on Wednesday, 2nd May 2018 at 7.30pm
Peter Carrett was in the Chair. There were 38 members present and three visitors.   
Apologies: Margaret Phipps, Rose Mortimore, Wendy & Rodney Cruze, Larraine Ashman, Serena Walcot, John Kimber, Sid & Jo Pontin, Ann Murphy, Patrick Garvey.
The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting were agreed and signed at the meeting in June 2017.
Chairman’s Report – Peter Carrett
I think that we can say we have had an interesting and eventful year. Meetings have been well attended, although some of the outings were less well supported.
I would like to thank everyone who has helped in any way with the running of the group, but especially the group that has worked long and very hard on the Pig’s House project.  There is, of course, still ongoing work.
I would also mention the small group that worked under pressure to produce the Alphabet Book in time for its launch at Widecombe Fair last year.
Yet another group has been working over a long period on the whole World War One events, particularly with their connections with the Widecombe Parish and parishioners.
A more recently formed group is now looking after our interests in regard to the proposed new village hall. 
I’m sure that we can look forward to yet another interesting year which will, I feel sure, among other things, see the completion of the Pig’s House project.
Finally, our thanks to Marcia, who is relinquishing the post of programme and outings organiser after many years.  I’d now like to ask her to come forward and accept a token of our thanks.
Secretary’s Report – Margaret Phipps
Margaret Phipps’ report was read in her absence.
Another good year for the Widecombe History Group.  Many thanks to all who put in so much time to keep the show on the road.  Everyone has a role to play.
Your committee has had a busy year with the planning of the Pig’s House and Heritage Garden, Grants and Planning Permission are not easy to come by. The end product, due to be completed very soon, will be worth the effort. 
The ABC Dialect book was another big venture helped along by the Radford family.  We are grateful to them for their support.  Some 300 books have been sold to date, all money for our funds.
Cataloguing, digitising and the website have now become a great part of the workload outside the monthly meetings. 
Our special thanks go to Marcia for the many years she has put to the organisation of speakers, walks and outings.  We all thank her so very much.
The future of the WHG is in the hands of you, the members, keep up the good work.
Secretary’s Resignation Margaret Phipps has sent a resignation letter which was read to the Group. There will be an extraordinary committee meeting shortly.  Margaret would like to stay on the committee.
Treasurer’s Report
Roger Claxton presented his accounts.  The balance at the year end was £19,805.49 but this included unspent grant money of £6,217.72 which is earmarked for various projects.  The net unencumbered balance was therefore £13,587.77, a similar balance to that at the year end in 2017.  The Group are very grateful for the £1,000 donation from Widecombe Fair.
A vote of thanks was expressed to Roger.  Proposed by Peter Carrett and seconded by Peter Rennells.
Peter Carrett remains in place as Chairman as he is in situ for two years.
The post is Secretary is vacant, following Margaret’s resignation
Roger Claxton was proposed as Treasurer by David Ashman and seconded by Peter Rennells.  This was carried.
Nomination forms had been received for:
Peter Carrett, Margaret Phipps, Roger Claxton, David Ashman, Tim Whitten, Sue Boustead, Terry French and Rose Mortimore.  It was proposed by Audrey Mortimore and seconded by John Walling that they should all be appointed.  This was carried.
It was proposed by Kirsty Peake and seconded by Marcia Babington that Helen Barrow be appointed to the committee.  This was carried.
Any Other Business
The Annual General Meeting was closed at 7.45pm.



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