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                                       A talk given by Ken Holland entitled Little Poland.
The camp at Ilford Park at Stover near Newton Abbot was, in1945, an American wartime Hospital. In 1948 it became the home of hundreds of Polish people who came to England after WW2. A resident called Liz, who had grown up there and was married at the camp, felt that the history of Ilford Park should not be lost and in1995 Ken Holland started to photograph the old part of the camp.
His photo essay 1995 to 2013 is dedicated to Liz.
Photos in black and white gave a wonderful but erie insite into the past of the home where families all lived in one room with no heating and 60 people shared 10 toilets. Children played outside and were safe. Pictures also showed how belongings were just left where they were when residents moved into the new home built in 1992 and  how nature has taken over since. Wheelbarrows, prams, chairs and garden sheds seemed to be everywhere with brambles and sapplings taking over. A calendar dated 1992 was still on a table. In 2010 the old home was demolished and in 2013 the site was cleared to make way for a caravan park.
A wonderful collection of black and white photos of history.


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