History Group Minutes September 2017

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Meeting of the Widecombe History Group was held at The Church House, Widecombe, on Wednesday, 6th September 2017
Peter Carrett took the Chair. There were 45 members and 2 visitors present.
Apologies: Patrick Garvey, Rodney Cruze, Lyn & Derek Hext, John & Zena Lowe.
The Minutes of the meeting in August 2017 had been circulated and, with one amendment, it was agreed that they should be signed.
Matters Arising. 
Alphabet Book. The Alphabet Book has now been published and will be launched at Widecombe Fair at 11.00am.  350 copies have been produced and the price will be £9.50. Grant had been received from Parishscapes.  Thanks are due to Margaret Phipps and Ann Claxton for seeing this project through.
Memorial Garden and the Pigs House.  Completion has taken place and the History Group now owns the site, Roger and Ann Claxton are in the process of applying for grants, initially from the Dartmoor Community fund  and Parishscapes. The Sign will be financed by Moor Than Meets The Eye, Insurance is in place and David Ashman will proceed with planning permission.           
A book for comments has been placed by the History Group display in the Church.  It is hoped more people would find the time to respond.
Widecombe Fair.  The Alphabet Book will be sold on the charity stand at the Fair and the plans for the Memorial Garden will also be on show.  The Heritage Tent will be available from 2.00pm on Monday.
Carols Down the Line.  Unfortunately the Railway have not been able to get volunteers to help for this event, so paid staff will be employed.  This has increased the cost to £18 per person. Peter asked that members who did not wish to pay this should cross their names off the list. 
Lunch at Stover.  Wednesday, 25th October, 12.30 for 1.00pm.  Peter distributed the menu and asked for completed forms and the money to be returned by the October monthly meeting.  £12 for two courses, £16 for three.
Charity Lunch at Dunstone Chapel.  This month’s lunch will be held on Wednesday, 13th September, 12 noon to 3.00pm.
Car Share Visit to Sheepstor and Yelverton Churches. This will take place on 13th September. 
Peter Hirst Walk.  Mike reported that this went very well, 17 members took part. The weather was dry.  On the slopes of Haytor, Richard filled in some background on the Templar family and, in the second part, at Hemsworthy Gate, Pat Watson provided further information on mine workings.
Roger & Ann are still checking the digitising from last year, so this year’s session has been postponed to October.  Terry has acquired three bags of paperwork from Ashburton Museum, mostly concerning properties in the Widecombe Parish.  There is evidence that some of this has been reviewed by Freda Wilkinson in the past.
Terry’s Teaser. 
This month’s teaser is “Where is Brook Lane?”  It starts at the back of the Old Inn, near the kiosk, and runs along the stream (brook).
Next month’s teaser is “Where is Dinah Clerks”.  It is a ruin.
Any Other Business
Peter Rennells had visited Kingsbridge Fair and had spoken to members of the Salcombe History Group.  They had produced their own calendar and had published a Salcombe Cookbook dated 1930. They are also putting together a history of Salcombe and, if anyone has any relevant information, they would be very pleased to receive it.
Widecombe Church is running the Christmas Tree Competition again.  The theme is “Colour”. The team who did last year’s tree have had a preliminary meeting and Margaret asked if there were any other volunteers who would like to help.
Open Garden at Southcombe Gardens.  Kirsty had received an email from Amanda at Southcombe Gardens thanking all the volunteers for their help on the Open Sundays in the summer. They had raised £4,000 for the National Gardens Scheme charities. 
Project Time
Roger opened the session by showing a lovely video of Wendy Beard opening the Dartmoor Folk Festival, and at the end there was another video of four of Anthony’s grandchildren singing ‘Widecombe Fair’ on stage.  50 years ago, the Beetles decided to visit Widecombe Fair but their coach got stuck on Newbridge and Roger had some photographs of this event. He also showed a post card from the early 1900s of the Old Inn with two horse drawn charabancs outside, two photos dated 1905 of the Old Inn and Widecombe Fair on the Green, and one labelled “outside Mrs Hannaford’s” which the Group thought was the cottage now called “Ned’s”.  There was a picture of a group of men on an outing but it was difficult to identify where it was taken. We then saw a lithotint of the Rugglestone Logan Stone dated 1830. Peter Rennells had done two drawings of what the Memorial Garden and the Pigs House site would look like after the work is done.  Finally, Roger had done some research following our last meeting on bowling greens. It seems that bowling was a popular pastime. In 1511, Henry VIII had banned bowling for the lower classes.  Terry French said that there had been a bowling green in Ponsworthy, near the Old Mill.
The meeting closed at 10.05pm.
Diary Dates
Tuesday, 12th September
.  Widecombe Fair and Launch of The Alphabet Book.
Wednesday, 13th September.  Visit to Sheepstor and Yelverton Churches. Speaker: Dr Helen Wilson.  2.00pm.
Wednesday, 13th September.  Dunstone Chapel, Charity Soup & Cake Lunch, 12.00-3.00pm
Tuesday, 3rd October.  Princetown History Group. Combestone Farm by Tom Greeves.
Wednesday, 4th October.  Coffee Morning at Leusdon Memorial Hall.  10.00–12.00
Wednesday, 4th October.  7.30pm. Widecombe History Group. Abi Gray – Putting the Devon Manor House on the Map.
December.  Christmas Tree Competition in Widecombe Church. 
Wednesday, 25th October. History Group Lunch at Stover Golf Club.
Thursday, 7th December.  Carols Down the Line.  7.00 – 9.30pm. Cost £18.



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