History Group Minutes October 2017

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                                    Meeting of the Widecombe History Group was held at The Church House, Widecombe, on Wednesday, 4th October 2017
Peter Carrett took the Chair. There were 34 members present.
Apologies: Patrick Garvey, Rodney Cruze, John & Zena Lowe, Rosemary Mortimore, Sue & Sam Boustead, Lyn & Derek Hext, Kris & Peter Blood and Ann Murphy.
The Minutes of the meeting in September 2017 had been circulated and it was agreed that they should be signed.
Matters Arising. 
Alphabet Book. The Alphabet Book was launched by Wendy Beard at Widecombe Fair and Terry French read some extracts.  Sales to date are 110.  They will be sold at the Christmas Village Market. There had been a report in the Moorlander Newspaper but there was no mention of how to obtain a copy, this would be followed up.
Widecombe Fair.  Peter Carrett and all the volunteers were thanked for their hard work in preparing and manning the Heritage Tent.  As always the tent was very busy. Sue Boustead had sent her thanks for all the filled jam jars which raised £196.  Peter Rennells gave some afterthoughts on the Fair.  He said the tent was brilliant and felt that the Census Books were very important to bring people in.  Two family members of the Policeman John Webber, visited to the tent, as did some Townsend relatives for whom John Kimber has done some research. Simon Dell’s books sold well, particularly the one about the Conscientious Objectors.  He had noticed that the local newspaper reports made no mention of the Heritage Tent.
Memorial Garden and the Pigs House.  Roger reported that, after a lot of effort, the Planning Permission has been submitted and validated but it is not yet approved. An unforeseen expense was the bat inspection, which has been carried out and no bat activity was detected.  There will be bat friendly features incorporated into the restoration. We now need to consult Devon County Council as well as the National Park about replacing the stream crossing.  There will be an archaeological dig of two test pits on 9th and 10th November.  Roger will be presenting an item about our plans to the Parish Council on the next evening, 5th October. 
Car Share Visit to Sheepstor and Yelverton Churches.  Marcia reported a very successful visit to Sheepstor and Yelverton Churches.  The Church Wardens at both were very welcoming. Marcia was thanked for arranging the visit.
Carols Down the Line.  There are still spaces available for Carols Down the Line on 7th December.
Lunch at Stover.  Wednesday, 25th October, 12.30 for 1.00pm. 
Charity Lunch at Dunstone Chapel.  This month’s lunch will be held on Wednesday, 11th October. 12 noon to 3.00pm.
Terry’s Teaser. 
“Where is Dinah Clerks?”.  It is at the bottom of one of Ann Williams’ fields at Corndonford Farm.  Apparently it was burnt down 700 years ago.
Next month’s teaser is “Where is Money Pitt?”
History As It Happens
David Ashman reported that the Commonwealth War Graves replaced a headstone for Alec Walter with the correct spelling on it this time.  The Commonwealth War Graves would like to erect a sign in the Churchyard saying that there are war graves in the churchyard.
A village walk took place which raised £96. 
Any Other Business
Project Time
Roger gave the Group a very comprehensive preview of his presentation to the Parish Council, covering many aspects of the scheme.  He then showed us a picture of two boundary stones, the Rugglestone and the Hendistone.  He talked about the original village sign which was prompted by a competition promoted by the Duke of York.  It was erected in 1922 and, during the war, it was moved and damaged.  The present sign was put up in 1948 and incorporates a granite base with granite re-used from the original sign. Roger showed us photos of the visit to Sheepstor and Yelverton churches, including views from the top of Yelverton church tower.  Yelverton church was completed in 1912. He asked us to identify a house in a photo, dated 1689, or possible 1639 which no-one knew. There were two photos of rocks, one on Wind Tor, with holes drilled and finally a photo provided by Pat Watson of the continuing work on Lizwell Bridge                    

The meeting closed at 9.55pm.
Diary Dates
Wednesday, 11th October.  Dunstone Chapel, Charity Soup & Cake Lunch, 12.00-3.00pm
Wednesday, 25th October. History Group Lunch at Stover Golf Club.
Wednesday, 1st November.  Coffee Morning at Leusdon Memorial Hall.  10.00–12.00
Wednesday, 1st November.  7.30pm. Widecombe History Group. The Secret World of the Dartmoor Undergrowth by John Walters.
Tuesday, 7th November.  Princetown History Group. Burrator Farms, Life in a Dartmoor Valley by Paul Rendell.
Thursday and Friday, 9th and 10th November.  Archaeological Dig at the Pigs House site.
Thursday, 7th December.  Carols Down the Line.  7.00 – 9.30pm. Cost £18.
December.  Christmas Tree Competition in Widecombe Church. 


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