History Group Minutes November 2017

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Meeting of the Widecombe History Group was held at The Church House, Widecombe, on Wednesday, 1st November 2017

Peter Carrett took the Chair. There were 49 members and 8 guests present.
Apologies: Tim Whitten, Patrick Garvey, Paula Stephens, John & Zena Lowe, Ann Murphy, Jill Rodgers, Pat Everett.
The Minutes of the meeting in October 2017 had been circulated. There was one amendment concerning the location of Dinah’s Clerks which is on West Shallowford land and then it was agreed that the minutes should be signed.
Matters Arising
Pig House and Heritage Garden.  The Planning Permission decision should be known by 20th November and, in the meantime, the Pigs House has been covered by a tarpaulin to protect it.  On 9th and 10th November there will be a dig supervised by Andy Crabb and it is intended to clean the cobbles and tidy the interior of the pig house. Parishscapes have agreed to provide a grant.
Widecombe Fair.  The Widecombe Fair Committee had voted the History Group as their Charity of the Year and, at this meeting, the Chairman, Gerald Smerdon, presented Peter with a cheque for £1,000.  Very many thanks to the Widecombe Fair Committee.
Alphabet Book. Ann Claxton reported that she is very pleased with the sales of the book.  The Dartmoor National Park has taken some to sell. We will have a stall at the Christmas Craft Market on 18th November and volunteers are needed to sell the book.
History Group Meetings.   Marcia said that there had been a mistake in the Parish Link concerning the dates of our meetings.  This will be corrected in the next edition. She mentioned next month’s speaker, Adrienne Hesketh who will give an unusual Christmas Themed Presentation.
Terry’s Teaser. 
“Where is Money Pitt?”  It is the kist near the top of Sherril Hill, on the left hand side as you go towards the valley.  Next month’s teaser is “Where is Hutholes?”
History As It Happens
Building works have started at East Shallowford and the topsoil has been removed from part of a field.  In the course of this operation, a hut circle was found in the field.  Members of the History Group were invited to see it on the following day, Thursday, at 10.30am. Roger Claxton offered to take photographs.
Geoffrey Fenton reported that the Team Rector, David Sherwood, has now retired due to ill health and a new Team Rector will be appointed in due course. The National Trust may be doing some improvements to the lower floor of the Church House.
Carols Down the Line.  There are nine Members going to Carols Down the Line on 7th December.
Charity Lunch at Dunstone Chapel.  This month’s lunch will be held on Wednesday, 8th November. 12 noon to 3.00pm.
Christmas Tree Competition will be held from 9th to 21st December.  Volunteers will be needed to steward in the Church. 

Beryl Foskett.  A long standing resident of Poundsgate died in Norfolk recently.  A Memorial Service will be held for her in Leusdon Church on Saturday, 2nd December at 11.30am.
A get well card had been sent to Ruth Parnell.
Widecombe Singers and Ashprington Singers are giving a musical evening at Leusdon Memorial Hall on Saturday, 18th November, at 7.30.  Tickets £6 to include a glass of mulled wine.
Any Other Business
Margaret mentioned that some emails on our list are out of date or missing.  She asked everyone to check that the Group has their current email address, to ensure that they received the minutes and other communications.
The Committee are still looking for a volunteer to shadow Marcia in the organisation of Speakers and Outings with a view to taking over when Marcia gives up.  The post could be divided into two. 
Items are needed for the Newsletter.  Please email to Kirsty Peake.
Project Time
There was no project time as our speaker had additional material to show us.   
The meeting closed at 9.40pm.
Diary Dates
Wednesday, 8th November.  Dunstone Chapel, Charity Soup & Cake Lunch, 12.00-3.00pm
Thursday and Friday, 9th and 10th November.  Archaeological Dig at the Pigs House site.
Tuesday, 5th December.  Princetown History Group. AGM and Christmas Meeting.
Wednesday, 6th December.  Coffee Morning and Christmas Sale at Leusdon Memorial Hall.  10.00–12.00
Wednesday, 6th December.  7.30pm. Widecombe History Group. Adrienne Hesketh. A Christmas Themed Presentation. 
Thursday, 7th December.  Carols Down the Line.  7.00 – 9.30pm. Cost £18.
9th to 21st December.  Christmas Tree Competition in Widecombe Church. 


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