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Meeting of the Widecombe History Group was held at The Church House, Widecombe,                                                   on Wednesday, 7th June 2017
The Secretary of the History Group, Margaret Phipps, opened the meeting by explaining that, at the AGM held in May 2017, the Group had inadvertently missed electing a Chairman.  A proposal was made that Peter Carrett should be elected as Chairman.  Proposed by Roger Claxton and seconded by Sue Boustead.  This was carried.
The minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting had been circulated and were signed as being correct.
Peter Carrett took the Chair. There were 38 members present.
Apologies:  Richard Wells, Ann Murphy, Peter and Mino Rennells, Paula Stephens, Helen Barrow.
The Minutes of the meeting in May 2017 had been circulated and, with one amendment, it was agreed that they should be signed.
Matters Arising
Moor Than Meets the Eye.  Before the meeting, Members had a chance to see a display of the new information signs for the Welcome to Widecombe project.  Geoffrey Fenton explained that comments would be welcomed.  He raised a query about the title of the depiction of the three rabbits/hares.  Should it be called The Tinners’ Rabbits or The Three Hares? A lively discussion followed with the majority thinking it should be the Tinners’ Rabbits, which would tie in with the many warren sites in the parish.
Roger Claxton reported that, as he and Ann had been away, there had been no further progress on the Memorial Garden Project.  The conveyance had not yet taken place and the Group had to get funding and planning permission and produce a schedule of works. With regard to digitising, there was a backlog of checking to be done and so no scanning or cataloguing would be undertaken until September.  There was one query for Roger on the 2016/17 Accounts. 
Marcia Babington reported that the trip to Lewtrenchard was very interesting and enjoyable. Later in the meeting the Group were shown photographs of the visit.  Marcia was collecting names for a visit to the Ashburton Centre of the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Group on 22nd July, with a cost of £5.  Due to lack of support, the coach trip to the American Museum in Bath was cancelled but a few members may go by car.
Marcia will be retiring from her post of arranging talks and outings after 2019/20. It is suggested that Talks and Outings should be split to make two posts and volunteers will be sought.
Alphabet Books Some progress was being made on the publication of Joanna Radford’s book depicting the Devonshire Alphabet by Anthony Beard.  There may be some funding available.  There will be a dedication to both Anthony and Joanna in the book.
Planning for Widecombe Fair was underway. Sue Boustead had brought a box of jam jars to the meeting and asked everyone to take one jar, fill it, wrap it, and bring it either to the next few meetings or to the Fair. 
Carols Down the Line -7th December.  7.00pm to 9.30pm. Cost £12.  Peter Carrett needs names for this now as places go very quickly.  Please contact Peter.  
Fish & Chips at Peter and Aileen’s home.  18th July. Food choices need to be made in advance.  Payment of £5-50 for this at the next meeting.
The Dunstone Charity Lunch this month is on 14th June.  12 noon to 3.00pm. 
Peter Carrett suggested another lunch at Stover.  Probably in October.
History As It Happens Bi-planes (Tiger Moths) were seen over Widecombe on 28th May. They were part of a re-enactment of Sir Francis Chichester’s return to Plymouth after his solo round the world trip 50 years ago in 1967. His original boat, the Gipsy Moth, also took part in the ceremony.
Widecombe Bellringers won the Moreton Deanery Annual Bellringing Competition held at Holne Church. The Ten Commandment Stones on Buckland Beacon are being re-cut as the writing had worn away and was difficult to read.  A new stile and finger post has been installed at the bottom of Widecombe Hill on the Northway side (part of Anthony’s Walk round Widecombe). Widecombe Tug o War teams won in all weight divisions and are now Devon champions, they hope to go on to the English Championships.
Proposed New Village Hall for Widecombe Following a well-attended meeting last year, the possibility of building a new village hall is being investigated.  It was felt to be important to get the views of all the parishioners and, to this end, a survey has been sent to all properties, asking whether a hall is needed, what could it be used for and where it should be built. Deadline to get these surveys back is 10th June.   
Terry’s TeaserThis month’s teaser “Where is Belstone Rock and what is on top of it?” Belstone Rock is at the top of Sherril Hill and the Cave-Penney Memorial Cross is on the top of it. The “Penney Cross” was installed on 12th September 1919 by Lewis Prouse of Ponsworthy.
Next month’s teaser is “Where is Stout’s Cottage?”
Any Other Business
Richard Wells is giving up his post as Group Librarian.  Kris and Peter Blood have kindly agreed to take it on. 
Mary Pascoe informed the Group that a fresh display of artefacts had been set up in the Church, including information on Widecombe School which celebrates its 85th Anniversary on its present site this year. 
The Group have produced a booklet entitled “The Wag’s Walk around Widecombe” detailing Anthony’s walk around the village. There will be copies available to buy with funds to WHG
It’s nearly time for the next Newsletter.  Please let Kirsty have some contributions.
Project Time Roger Claxton showed the Group a very interesting collection of photographs submitted by Members. The first was of Devon Great Elizabeth Mine which was operating between 1857 and 1861. It was situated by the River Dart at the bottom of the road down from Hannaford, near New Bridge.  Two photographs of work being currently undertaken followed.  One of these projects is at Lizwell Bridge, where Parishscapes are restoring the Bridge, and the other is the re-cutting of the Ten Commandment Stones at Buckland Beacon.  Whilst at Buckland Beacon, Roger found another stone with writing cut into it, which commemorates George V Silver Jubilee in 1935. There were then some photos of the Tiger Moths over Widecombe, the new stile and finger post at Northway and photos of two piggeries at Meavy, very similar to ours.  Finally we saw some interesting pictures of Lewtrenchard taken on the recent visit, including lunch in the Grand Hall and another piggery!
                                                               The meeting closed at 10.05pm.
Diary Dates
Wednesday, 14th June.
  Dunstone Chapel, Charity Soup and Cake Lunch at 12.00-3.00pm.
Tuesday, 4th July.  Princetown History Group. Dartmoor Mindscapes (walk) Peter Knight.
Wednesday, 5th July.  Coffee Morning at Leusdon Memorial Hall.  10.00am – 12 noon.
Wednesday, 5th July.  7.30pm. Widecombe History Group. Peter Dare – Exeter Cathedral Restoration and Conservation: 1969-1985.
Tuesday 18th July   Fish & Chips with Peter and Aileen Carrett at Sussex, Liverton.
Saturday, 22nd July. Visit to the Dartmoor Search & Rescue Group. 10.30am to 12.00 noon.
Tuesday, 12th September.  Widecombe Fair
October – date to be confirmed.  Lunch at Stover Golf Club.




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