History Group Minutes January 2017

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Dartmoor Christmas Trees

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Meeting of the Widecombe History Group was held at The Church House, Widecombe, onWednesday, 4th January 2017 at 7.30pm

Terry French was in the Chair. There were 25 members present.

Apologies: Paula Stephens, John & Zena Lowe, Peter Rennells, Patrick Garvey, Arthur & Rosemary Wrayford, Mary Pascoe, Helen Barrow, Sam & Sue Boustead, Peter & Aileen Carrett, Jo & Sid Pontin, Pat & Val Watson, Judy & John Southcombe, Derek & Lyn Hext. Sue Boustead is in hospital following an accident. Best wishes were sent from the Group.

The Minutes of the meeting in December 2016 had been circulated. It was agreed that they should be signed.

Matters Arising

The History Group Christmas Tree won first prize in the Christmas Tree Competition. The prize, which was a box of chocolates, was circulated at the meeting to everyone’s delight. Congratulations and thanks to the team who compiled the exhibit. Mary Pascoe, Margaret Phipps, Wendy Beard and Miho Rennells.

The lunch at Stover on 21st December was well attended and much enjoyed. Thanks to Peter Carrett for the organisation.

Anthony Beard Memorial Service: A Memorial Service for Anthony will be held on Saturday, 28th January, at 1.00pm at Exeter Cathedral. Wendy Beard told the Group that everyone would be welcome. There would be contributions from representatives of all the organisations that Anthony was involved with.

History As It Happens: Newbridge has been repaired – again. There are primroses out in Widecombe Churchyard. 1000 people attended a rave recently at Bellever. There was much police and helicopter action.

Terry’s Teaser“What was Lower Town known as before it was called Lower Town?” It was known as Cressonhayes, originally Christian Hayes. It is believed that monks lived there when there was a chapel at Spitchwick, St Leonards. Margaret Phipps told the Group about a website ‘Legendary Dartmoor’ which includes a history of Spitchwick Manor. “Where is Barren Hill Corner?” Barren Hill Corner is on the road from Spitchwick Lodge to Town Wood. It is the first bend after the junction.

Any Other Business: Mention was made of bombs in the parish. There are reports that a bomb was dropped near Broadaford in 1941 and there was a bomb dropped near Leusdon Church. There was a searchlight at Clay Pit Corner.

Mike Wright, Richard Wells, and Marcia Babington are planning a walk in April to the Brimpts Tin Mines. They are considering whether this may be the first “Anthony Day” in memory of Anthony Beard.

Margaret Phipps produced a newspaper cutting from the Totnes Times dated 7/12/2016. It was marking 50 years since the alter stone in the Lady Chapel of Widecombe Church was placed in its present position. Before that it was in the floor. It may be that it was hidden in the floor at the time of the Reformation and was restored to its position as alter stone in 1966. This work was made possible by a donation of £500 fromMiss Mary Hamlyn.

Project Time: Roger Claxton had obtained a DVD of the film ‘Peter & Ruby’. This was made in 1973 and showed the lives of Peter Hannaford and his cousin, Ruby French, who lived at Higher Sherril.

The evening ended with a diverse and plentiful Bring & Share supper, including mulled wine.

Diary Dates:

  • Wednesday, 11th January. Dunstone Chapel, Charity Soup and Cake Lunch at 12.00-3.00pm.
  • Saturday, 28th January. Memorial Service at Exeter Cathedral for Anthony Beard. 1.00pm.
  • Wednesday, 1st February. Coffee Morning at Leusdon Memorial Hall. 10.00am – 12 noon.
  • Wednesday, 1st February. Widecombe History Group. Dr Robert Wolton will talk about Devon’s Amazing Hedges.
  • Tuesday, 7th February. Princetown History Group. Bishop Rock Lighthouse, by Elisabeth Stanbrook.
  • Wednesday, 24th May 2017. Visit to Lewtrenchard Manor. All day by coach

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