History Group Minutes February 2017

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Meeting of the Widecombe History Group was held at The Church House, Widecombe, on Wednesday, 1st February 2017 at 7.30pm

Terry French was in the Chair. There were 31 members and 1 visitor present.

Apologies: Jill Rogers, Pat Everett, Patrick Garvey, John & Zena Lowe, Rosemary & Arthur Wrayford, Helen Barrow, Peter & Miho Rennells, Sam Boustead, Rodney Cruze, Laraine Ashman, Paula Stephens, Pat & Val Watson, Roger & Ann Claxton.

The Group were pleased to welcome Sue Boustead back to the meeting following her accident.

The Minutes of the meeting in January 2017 had been circulated. It was agreed that they should be signed.

Anthony Beard Thanksgiving Service

Anthony’s Thanksgiving Service was held in Exeter Cathedral on Saturday, 28th January 2017. It was a very moving occasion with speakers representing all the organisations that Anthony was involved with. Peter Rennells spoke on behalf of the History Group, Margaret Phipps on behalf of Widecombe Fair, Rob Steemson on behalf of the Dartmoor Local Community and Lloyd Mortimore on behalf of the Moorland Merrymakers and Young Farmers. Other tributes came from Matt Woodley and Pippa Quelch from BBC Radio Devon, Todd Gray for the Devonshire Association and from Anthony’s two sons, Stephen and Trevor. The Widecombe Singers performed the Widecombe Carol. Several hundred people attended and the cathedral was almost full.

Wendy Beard told the Group how delighted she was with the wonderful turnout for Anthony’s Memorial Service, including many of the Widecombe History Group. She thanked the members for their continued support. It was a lovely, lovely day.

Terry’s Teaser No teaser was set for this month. The teaser for next month is “Where is Harefoot Cross?”

History As It Happens

CCTV cameras have now been installed at Newbridge to monitor the traffic damaging the bridge.

Widecombe History Group 20th Anniversary

This year, in May, it is the 20th Anniversary of the History Group and the Group were asked whether we should have a celebration. The 10th Anniversary was marked by a meal at Badger’s Holt. Various suggestions were put forward and further enquiries will be made.

History Group January Meeting

The Committee have decided to hold the January meeting, in future, on the second Wednesday of the month as it was felt that the first Wednesday was sometimes too close to Christmas and New Year.

Pigs House

David Ashman updated the Group about the ongoing negotiations concerning the Pigs House. The project is getting closer to fruition and solicitors have been instructed. The next stage is to decide what we want to do with it. One suggestion is a low maintenance memorial garden for Anthony. Work needs to be done on the boundary fence.

Moor Than Meets the Eye

Geoffrey Fenton reported that tenders for the interpretation boards are due next week. There is a £27,000 budget so we may be able to get an information board for the Pigs House.

‘Anthony Day’

For the first ‘Anthony Day’, Mike Wright and Richard Wells will be leading a walk around Brimpts Tin Mine. Visit to the Tin Mine Museum followed by a choice of two walks. The shorter one will be around the farm, the longer one will leave from Dunnabridge Pound and visit North Mine. The Walk starts at 2.00pm. The Café at Brimpts will be open.

Any Other Business None.

Project Time As Roger Claxton was away, there was no presentation this month.

Diary Dates

Wednesday, 8th February. Dunstone Chapel, Charity Soup and Cake Lunch at 12.00-3.00pm.

Wednesday, 1st March. Coffee Morning at Leusdon Memorial Hall. 10.00am – 12 noon.

Wednesday, 1st March. Widecombe History Group. Ann Widdecombe – Life and Times.

Tuesday, 7th March. Princetown History Group. The Conscientious Objectors of Dartmoor Prison, Debbie Cooper.

Wednesday, 26th April. ‘Anthony Day’. Walk at Brimpts Tin Mine. 2.00pm.

Wednesday, 24th May 2017. Visit to Lewtrenchard Manor. All day by coach

For Dr Robert Wolton's talk on Devons Amazing Hedges, please click here


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