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The Annual General Meeting of the Widecombe History Group was held at The            Church House, Widecombe, on Wednesday, 3rd May 2017 at 7.30pm
Terry French was in the Chair. There were 38 members present and 1 visitor.
Apologies:  Tim Whitten, Patrick Garvey, Derek & Lyn Hext, Ruth Parnell,  Sid & Jo Pontin, Rodney Cruze, Laraine Ashman, Geoffrey Fenton, Serena Walcot, Helen Barrow, Roger & Ann Claxton.
The Minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting were signed at the meeting in July 2016. 
Chairman’s Report
Terry French said that it had been a busy year, with outings and trips, and the ongoing acquisition of the Pigs’ House. Numbers attending the meetings had been maintained well. He expressed thanks to Margaret Phipps for all her hard work over the last twelve months.  Also thanks were due to Roger Claxton for doing the books, and to Roger & Ann for organising the digitising project.  He mentioned Richard Wells librarian, Peter and Aileen who organise Widecombe Fair and keep up the scrapbooks, David Ashman for his work with Moor Than Meets the Eye, Marcia Babington for arranging speakers and outings, Rosemary & Arthur Wrayford and the others who help with the teas, and Mike & Mo Wright for their walks. 
Secretary’s Report
Margaret Phipps mentioned that she had had a hard act to follow and she thanked all the members for the support they had given her in her first year as Secretary.  She felt it was good that everyone had given something towards the smooth running of the group.  Nothing was too much trouble when they were asked to help.  Special thanks were given to Marcia for all the lovely walks, talks and outings.  Margaret also thanked all the Committee members and non-Committee members for their input and she was looking forward to another successful year.
Treasurer’s Report Roger Claxton was absent but submitted the accounts and a report:- As stated at the 2016 AGM we expected the growth in our surplus to cease as we reduced the various fund raising efforts that had occupied us in the previous few years.  This has happened with an overall reduction in our surplus of a modest £277.  Even so we still managed to sustain the digitising and other projects throughout the year and also purchase the sound system that we use at each monthly meeting.  We also increased our book stocks providing us with an opportunity to raise some money through book sales. As we move into the 2017 financial year we expect to see considerable changes as we embark on the Memorial Garden Project to which we have committed £8,000 (which was the reason why we raised the money in the first place). If this is all spent we will be left with a surplus of just over £5,000 and so fund raising starts to become important again.  With careful management, we should be able to reduce outgoings so the two together should see continued sound finances for WHG. Thank you to everyone for their efforts in helping to raise and collect money, for their support of the group and for contributing so much of their time to help make WHG the success it is.  Also thanks to Richard Casey for once again giving the accounts a close scrutiny. Roger will answer any questions on the accounts at the June meeting.  Committee Nine people had put their names forward for re election namely David Ashman, John Walling, Peter Carrett, Marcia Babington, Margaret Phipps, Roger Claxton, Terry French, Tim Whitten and Sue Boustead,  In addition Mary Pascoe had offered help whenever needed and Peter Rennells was happy to join the Committee if and when required.Terry French then stood down from his post as Chairman and Peter Carrett took the chair. Peter expressed his thanks to Terry who had seen the Group through a difficult time.It was proposed by Sam Boustead and seconded by Mo Wright that the nine people should be re-elected.It was proposed by Terry French and seconded by Aileen Carrett that Margaret Phipps be re-elected as Secretary.Roger Claxton was re-elected as Treasurer. It was announced that, in future, the Committee would be publishing notes on committee meetings.

The AGM was closed at 7.45pm.

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