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A Meeting of the Widecombe History Group was held at The Church House, Widecombe, on Wednesday, 2nd July 2014 at 7.30pm.
There were 43 members present and 2 visitors.
Apologies: Patrick Garvey, Sam Boustead, Doug & Lyn Pigeon, Barbara Norrish, Richard, Wells, Barry & Tanya Welch, Lyn & Derek Hext, Rodney Cruze, Jill Rogers, Richard Clipson, Paula Stevens, Pat & Val Watson, Serena Walcot, John Butcher.
The Minutes of the June monthly meeting were read and signed.
Matters Arising
The cost of a bus to see Romeo & Juliet at Pentillie proved to be very expensive, so we will stay with car sharing. The draw was held for places for the Met Office visit on 26th July and the 20 places were allocated.
Dunstone Chapel
The Committee held a meeting at Dunstone Chapel and expressed their thanks to Peter and Aileen for the phenomenal amount of work they had carried out at the Chapel. Thanks were also expressed to the many volunteers who had contributed time to the project. There is still some plumbing work to be done and work on the gutters. Terry and Richard Norrish will repair the gate and the wall.
There will be an Open Evening at the Chapel on Wednesday, 30th July, 7.00-9.00pm, so that all the members of the History Group can see the new digitising operation in place. Refreshments will be provided, donations accepted.
Roger Claxton gave an update on the digitising project. It has now been transferred to the Schoolroom at Dunstone Chapel. 98% of the documents in the Parish Chest have been completed over the last three years. Roger and Ann now aim to train all the volunteers in all the processes so that they can be self-sufficient and work by themselves in the Schoolroom. There have been about 20 volunteers over this time and Roger would like to know how many of these would like to continue with the project. It is also a good time for new recruits and Roger would like to hear from anyone who would be interested in joining the team. Please contact Roger through Anthony or on his email, roger.claxton@btinternet.com.
The Newsletter was distributed at the meeting and Joanna Radford and Margaret Phipps were thanked for their work in producing it.
History Group Activities
The trip to Stover on 23rd August may be cancelled due to a lack of members taking places and the large deposit required.
The Rectory Gardens and the garden at No2 Manor Cottages will be open to the public on 5th and 6th July. Final arrangements were made with volunteers. There will be a cake stall and a plant stall. Marcia needs ten people to sign up for the visit to the Devon Rural Archive and Shilstone on the 24th July. Please contact Marcia by 9th July.
World War I
The event on 20th August at Leusdon Memorial Hall will be in two parts. From 2.00-5.00pm there will be an exhibition, which will be free with donations accepted. Tea coffee and biscuits will be available and the proceeds will be divided between Western Front Association, the British Legion and the Commonwealth War Graves. In the evening (7.00-9.30pm) there will be a film show and a bring and share finger buffet. There will be an admission charge of £3. Peter Rennells now has 28 names on the Widecombe Roll of Honour. Rodney Cruze has found another 28 names in the British Legion records to consider. Peter has found information on Widecombe lads in the Navy in World War I. He now has the life stories of the six who died from Widecombe and the six from Leusdon. The survivors who served in the war are sometimes described as the “lucky ones” but Peter has found information that they were not so lucky as many of them suffered lost limbs, gas or unrecognised traumas.
Parish Council
Anthony has given the Parish Council a list of what is in the Parish Chest. At the recent meeting of The Widecombe Parish Council a presentation was given about 'Project X' by Stella West-Harling of Ashburton Cookery School. This is a project that could be based at North Hall. It would include plans for a community kitchen ’Hub’, which could provide up to 600 meals a day to schools in and around Dartmoor and also social meals for the elderly and infirm. This is in conjunction with other enterprises being planned at the site including a heritage centre telling the food story 'from farm to plate'. Old farm equipments on show and a centre for Dartmoor skills. This may also include an shop/outlet for farm produce and snacks. It was agreed that a great deal more information about the scheme is needed and most importantly there is a need for the whole local community to have its say as to whether it is a suitable enterprise for Widecombe and the parish. The question of increased traffic was brought up, access across the village green, how could meals be got out of Widecombe in extreme weather condition, and other matters were raised. It would be run by a “Community Interest Company” requiring 3 or 4 people on a board of management, trustees and be a registered charity. It could create employment for up to 20 people. It was noted that Widecombe School itself has a very good and efficient kitchen and that would continue to function. It was felt that a full public meeting, well advertised in advance is needed to discuss this further.
Moor Than Meets The Eye
Moor than Meets the Eye has received £3.8 million funding. £20,000-30000 has been allocated to “Welcome to Widecombe” to encourage people to visit, this is in addition to about £149.000 for Uppacot Longhouse. Other schemes include a Dartmoor Diploma (rural skills) and Parish Scapes. Moor Than Meets the Eye will be appointing new stakeholders shortly.
History As It Happens
The newly formed Spitchwick Cricket Club won three of its first four fixtures this season. The 3 new clock faces for the Widecombe Church Tower should have been 6 foot in diameter, not 5 foot so they are being remade to match the original. The new Bishop of Exeter, Rt Revd Robert Atwell, will be installed next Saturday. He is the 71st bishop of the Diocese of Exeter
Peter Hirst Memorial Walk
The Peter Hirst Walk will be on Friday, 29th August at 2.00pm. Meet at Four Winds Car Park on the Tavistock road, just before Merrivale. This site used to be the School House in the 1930s and was then used as target practice in WWII. The walk will take in Foggintor, the quarry and Swell Tor. Afterward at the Plume of Feathers.
Any Other Business
Diary Dates:
Weekend of 5th and 6th July. Open Gardens at The Rectory and No2 Manor Cottages.
Saturday, 19th July. Buckfast Abbey, at 2.30pm. Uncovering the Archaeology of Buckfast Abbey.
Thursday, 24th July. Car share visit to Devon Rural Archive and Shilstone.
Saturday, 26th July. Visit to the Met Office, Exeter. 1.00pm
Wednesday, 30th July. Open Evening at Dunstone Chapel Schoolroom. 7.00-9.00pm
Tuesday, 5th August. Princetown History Club. Visit to Sherberton Farm.
Wednesday, 6th August. Coffee Morning at Leusdon Memorial Hall. 10.00-12.00.
Wednesday, 6th August. Widecombe History Group. Talk, My Lady of the Moor; Her life in our Parish. given by Simon Dell.
8th – 10th August. Dartmoor Folk Festival
Wednesday, 20th August. Leusdon Memorial Hall. World War I Exhibition and talk by a member of the Western Front Association.
Saturday, 23rd August. Car share visit to Stover House – presentation, guided walk and afternoon tea.
Friday, 29th August. Peter Hirst Memorial Walk with Mike Wright and Richard Wells. Meet at Four Winds car park at 2.00pm.
Tuesday, 2nd September. Princetown History Club. Westcountry Snippets at Tony Burgess.
Wednesday, 3rd September. Coffee Morning at Leusdon Memorial Hall. 10.00-12.00.
Wednesday, 3rd September. Widecombe History Group. Plague and Pestilence in Devon. Talk by Jill Drysdale.
Thursday, 4th September. Widecombe History Group Guided walk with Simon Dell around places associated with Beatrice Chase in Widecombe. 6.00pm.
Tuesday 9th September. Widecombe Fair
Friday, 26th September. Devon & Cornwall Constabulary are holding an event – Rethinking Murder, Lost Lives and the Living. 4.30-8.15pm.
Saturday, 11th October. The University of Exeter are holding a World War I Commemoration. Peter Rennells is doing a presentation.
The meeting closed at 10.00 pm.


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