History Group Minutes February 2014

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Dartmoor Christmas Trees

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A Meeting of the Widecombe History Group was held at The Church House, Widecombe, on Wednesday, 5th February 2014 at 7.30pm.  There were 35 people present including 2 new members.
Mavis and Rick Clipson, Jo & Sid Ponting, Derek & Lynne Pigeon, Kirsty & Alan Peake, Terry French, Patrick Garvey, Ruth Parnell, Ann Murphy, Lyn & Derek Hext.
Best wishes and a Get Well card have been sent to Jim Churchward, Betty Andrews, Richard Casey and Mavis Clipson.  
Unfortunately, the monthly meeting in January 2014 had to be cancelled due to exceptionally stormy weather.
The Minutes of the December monthly meeting were read and signed. 
Matters Arising:
The History Group entry in the Christmas Tree Competition at Widecombe Church won first prize for their tree depicting The Holly and The Ivy.  Congratulations to Mary Pascoe and her team.  Another of our members, Judy Southcombe, won third prize. Geoffrey Bamsey has confirmed that he holds the Leusdon Church Baptism Register and is willing to let the Group scan and catalogue it.
Fund Raising
1. Sue Boustead asked the Group to continue selling as many raffle tickets as possible. 
2. Peter Rennells sold most of his Christmas Cards and raised about £80.
3. Ruth Parnell’s Christmas Tea raised £130.
4. A successful raffle was held at Widecombe Christmas Fair, which raised £236. 
Dunstone Chapel
Work has been carried out preparing the room at Dunstone Chapel.  A big cleaning session was held and Peter and Aileen Carrett have repaired and re-puttied the windows.  The next stage is painting and volunteers are needed for this.  The deadline for opening is Easter and we may hold an Open Day with nibbles and wine or soft drinks in accordance with their wishes.  We note the current running costs of the chapel is £460 per year of which the electricity is £230. We will pay for the extra electricity used and the telephone, and we will make an annual contribution towards their funds.
Archive Centre in Widecombe
John Walling and Anthony Beard are dealing with the site.  We need another clearing session.  We have now received Planning Permission to cut down the Fir trees on the site.  Negotiations are proceeding for the transfer of the ownership of the site.  One question that needs to be answered is the ownership of the grass patch in front and the Saxon well.  Anthony will be attending the Parish Council meeting to raise this topic.  Mary Pascoe had found a newspaper cutting from The Mid Devon Advertiser 1964 when the Totnes Police had asked for the well to be covered, but the Parish Council had said that it wasn’t their responsibility.
Local History Group Outings
Marcia Babington has organised three outings in the near future details from Marcia contact 01364 661263.
Monday, 10th March.  Visit to British Ceramic Tiles at Heathfield. 
17th-19th March Trip to Windsor and London.
Wednesday, 14th May.  Visit to Pentillie Castle, Cornwall.  Cheques by the March meeting please.
World War I Project
Good progress is being made on the World War I project, with ten profiles of those who died in World War I having been completed, and four more to do.  The aim is to present a Book of Remembrance to each of the four Local churches.  It is a time consuming project as it is necessary to check everything.  It is also costly and there may be the possibility of some grants. Peter felt further discussion was needed about possible events in the Parish to mark the Centenary.  Anthony will try to get Parish Council and Parochial Church Council involvement.  It was decided that WW1 would be the theme for the Heritage Marquee at Widecombe Fair 2014.
History As It Happens: 
January 2014 became the wettest January since records began (over 100 years).  It had exceptionally stormy with extreme weather conditions.  The Somerset Levels had been flooded more than ever before and wide areas had been underwater for over a month, with homes being evacuated.  The main (and only) railway line into Devon and Cornwall had been washed away at Dawlish and it was expected to be at least six weeks before repairs could be effected.  Roads around Widecombe Parish had suffered with a multitude of potholes, some flooding and damage to lanes. 
An email had been received about a house in Widecombe called Beau Valais.  Does anyone know where this was?
Treasurer’s Report
Roger reminded everyone that the end of the financial year is at the end of February and please could everyone get expenses in to him before that.  A lot of effort has been put into fund raising.  The afternoon tea and coffee mornings have raised a net £860.  Grants totalling £1,500 have been received from the Parish Council and Teignbridge, plus indirect donations of £700.
Diary Dates:
Friday, 21st February.  A performance in Buckland Village Hall at 7.30 p.m. by Blackheart – Acoustic Duo. 
Saturday, 22nd February.  There will be a talk at Ilsington Village Hall on Mines and Miners in Ilsington Parish.  10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.
Tuesday, 4th March.  Princetown History Group.  Plymouth Dockyard and the Great War.  A talk by Michael Duffy.
Wednesday, 5th March.  Coffee Morning at Leusdon Memorial Hall.  10.00-12.00.
Wednesday, 5th March.  Widecombe History Group. Horses in Agriculture and Industry, an illustrated talk by G and I Williamson.
Monday, 10th March.  Visit to British Ceramic Tiles at Heathfield.  2.00 p.m.
Tuesday, 11th March.  Med Theatre will be performing a play in Widecombe Church about John Galsworthy, Beatrice Chase, Kitty Jay and World War I.  It is titled "Chasing Kitty Jay"
Wednesday, 12th March.  Serena Walcot will be holding a Coffee Morning in aid of the History Group.  Higher Foxworthy.  At 10.30am.  Entry £3.
17th - 19th March 2014.  History Group Visit to Windsor and London. 
Saturday, 29th March.  Great Expectations at Buckland Village Hall.
Monday, 31st March for six weeks. Palaeography Course at the Devon Records Office. 
Wednesday, 2nd April.  Coffee Morning at Leusdon Memorial Hall.  10.00-12.00.
Wednesday, 2nd April.  Widecombe History Group.  A talk about the Devon Air Ambulance Trust.
Wednesday, 16th April.  Sue Boustead and Ann Murphy will be holding a Coffee Morning at Leusdon Memorial Hall in aid of the History Group.  10.30am.
Wednesday, 14th May.  Visit to Pentillie Castle, Cornwall. 
Any Other Business: 
Unfortunately, due to the weather, the original speaker on the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust  was unable to attend.   Brian Portch kindly agreed at short notice to take his place.
The meeting closed at 10.08pm. 

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