History Group Minutes May 2013

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A Meeting of the Widecombe History Group was held at The Church House, Widecombe, on Wednesday, 1st May 2013 at 8.05pm following the AGM.  There were 40 attendees.   
Apologies:  Patrick Garvey, Wendy Beard, Joy Routley, Barbara Norrish, Joan Brooks, Arthur and Rosemary Wrayford, Rose Mortimore, Mike and Mo Wright, Sid and Jo Pontin, Mary Pascoe, Derek and Lyn Hext.
The Minutes of the April meeting were read and signed. 
Matters Arising:
The visit to Wheal Martyn China Clay Country Park, St Austell, has been cancelled due to lack of numbers.  The Committee have decided that there should only be one main organised Group visit per year.  The Social Group are organising a trip to Newquay Zoo and it was suggested that we should support them and vice versa. 
The visits to Buckland Court and Powdermills both took place and were very successful.  Perhaps more trips similar to these should be organised on a 'drive ourselves' style.
Devon Remembers.                                                                                                                                                                                     Peter Rennells gave a resume on what had happened so far.  A lot of information has been found, but the Committee will need to decide how far to take it.  Peter has been researching those who died, where, how, where buried, awards and medals and their home occupations and residences. He is also researching those of the parish that returned and their history. Some local people emigrated, for example to Australia or Canada, but then returned to fight in the War.
Has anyone the details of the lost Widecombe 'Roll of Honour' ?
History As It Happens: 
                 • Leusdon Church celebrated its 150th Anniversary with a procession from Mrs Larpent’s house (Leusdon House) to the Church and a service on Sunday 28th April.  Local musicians and singers took part.  There followed a Bring & Share lunch.  One coincidence was that 28th April was the date that Mrs Larpent died.  Leusdon Flower Festival is running for two weeks until 12th May. 
                 • The Widecombe Pre-School celebrated its 40th anniversary with a party, also on 28th April.
                 • Thursday, 2nd May, is Election Day for Devon County Councillors. 
                 • Sam Claxton completed the London Marathon in four hours, forty-five minutes, despite having an injured leg.  The Group sponsored £139 plus Gift Aid and the total raised by him was about £800. 
                 • Kit Hall, daughter of Canon Hall, vicar of Leusdon, has died recently.  At one time she lived at Blackslade and, in later years, at Hornet’s Castle in Sherril. 
‘Moor Than Meets the Eye’ Project: 
Andy Bailey, second in command to Steve Scoffin, spoke about the Moor Than Meets the Eye project.   We record our opinion that Widecombe Parish Council should lead this on behalf of the parish and make sure that it is run as a community venture and not get involved with any private business ventures.   The Moor than meets the Eye project is supposed to be a partnership within the park to promote the history, archaeology, environment and to help visitors get more from their visit and enjoy the experience .
Local Hospitals.  At the recent Parish meeting about local hospitals, Rodney Cruze suggested that all the ambulances should carry OS maps.  He has now heard that this will be done.  Anthony had once found an ambulance on an emergency call at Cold East Cross, thoroughly lost, and he led it to its destination..
Diary Dates:
Monday, 6th May.  Bovey Tracey Heritage Trust.  Walking the Saxon boundary of Bovey Tracey.  Meet at the Old Rail Station at 1.45pm.  Returning at 4.00pm for light refreshments. 
Tuesday, 7th May.  Princetown History Group has a visit to “Old Exeter”.  Meet 7.00pm at the Cathedral. 
Tuesday, 4th June.  Princetown History Group.  Visit to Bellever Forest with Paul Rendell.  7.00pm at Postbridge Car park.
Wednesday, 5th June.  Coffee morning at Leusdon Memorial Hall.  10.00am.
Wednesday, 5th June.  Widecombe History Group.  Illustrated talk by  Andy Crabb on Prehistory, mining and quarrying in the Haytor area.
Wednesday, 12th June at 6.00pm.  Walk around Haytor with Andy Crabb.
Thursday, 13th June.  Margaret Phipps is organising a trip to Newquay Zoo.  Please contact Margaret Phipps.  01626 834737
Tuesday, 2nd July.  Princetown History Group.  Visit to Haytor Quarry.  7.00pm at Haytor Lower Car Park.
Wednesday 3rd July Coffee Morning at Leusdon memorial Hall 10.00 a.m.
Wednesday, 3rd July.  Widecombe History Group.  John and Zena Lowe will talk about the Hampden Crash on Hameldown. 
Wednesday, 10th July.  Widecombe History Group outing to Lower Ebear Farm.  2.00pm.  Share transport.  Names to Marcia please.  01364 661263.
Any Other Business:  None.
The meeting closed at 10.09pm

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