History Group Minutes March 2013

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A Meeting of the Widecombe History Group was  held at The Church House, Widecombe, on Wednesday, 6th March 2013                                                                             at 7.30pm.  45 Members attended
Apologies:  Kirsty and Alun Peake, Patrick Garvey, Alan and Mary Goodall, Doug and Lynne Pidgeon, John and Zena Lowe, Rick and Mavis Clipson, Joy Routley, Barbara Norrish, Joan Brooks, Judy Southcombe, Serena Walcot, Ruth Parnell, John Butcher, Margaret Phipps, Rodney Cruze, Archie and Audrey Mortimore, Jo and Sid Pontin, Ann Murphy, Roger Whale and Dot Jones.
Several members of the Group have been ill recently.  A card from the Group and best wishes have been sent to Ruth Parnell, Joy Routley, Archie Mortimore and Judy Southcombe.
The Minutes of the February meeting were read and signed. 
Matters Arising:
There was a “Devon Remembers” World War I event on 25th February at the Devon Heritage Centre, which Anthony, Rodney Cruze and Peter Rennells attended.  As a result of this it has been decided to research all the World War I monuments in the Parishes of Widecombe, Leusdon, Buckland and Postbridge.  Peter Rennells gave an outline of the plan which involves finding information on all those who died in WW I and also the history of those who survived.  There is no Roll of Honour at Widecombe detailing the survivors, but  six people died.  In Leusdon there are records which show that six people died and 51 came back.  One young soldier from Postbridge died.  In Buckland, one died and 12 came back.  There is a considerable amount of research needed.  Potential sources are: local newspapers, Devon Records Office, Prisoner of War records, 1911 Census, War Grave, websites, Churchyards and Medal awards (one person in Leusdon was awarded the Croix de Guerre).  Peter needs volunteers to help with all this research.  While this is ongoing we should also grasp any information regards WW II that may arise.
On Thursday, 25th April there is a meeting at Parke with Todd Gray speaking about War Memorials in Devon.  Although 2014 marks one hundred years from the beginning of WWI, Devon County Council think this will be a five year project. 
Forthcoming AGM.  The Trustees are all prepared to stand for a further year, but names are being sought of those who would like to serve on the History Group Committee.  Anyone who wishes to be on the Committee should sign one of the forms.  These should be returned by the April meeting please. 
Programme for 2013/14.  Marcia distributed the programme for May 2013/14.  She has also arranged a day trip to the Wheal Martyn China Clay Country Park, St Austell, on Friday, 10th May. 
History As It Happens:  Geoffrey Fenton reported that, last Sunday, there were three Brian Harris lorries parked in the Square.  The flatbed Harris & Miners lorry has been bought by the Trustees of Brian Harris; the other two are privately owned.  The reason they were there was because an article is being written about Brian Harris in a specialist magazine.  Three new clock faces are being installed in Widecombe Church Tower as a memorial to Brian Harris.  The first one was a memorial to his father, Sidney known as Jerry. It is hoped these new clock faces will be installed in April and there will be a dedication. 
Digitising:  Roger reported that the churchyard survey is going very well.  Richard Casey has taken photographs of all the gravestones and is presently working on the memorials and headstones inside the church.  Wendy and Mary have recorded the texts on the gravestones in the new churchyard.  This new information will be combined with the older project and should provide a complete record.  Volunteers are needed to do the same in Leusdon Churchyard. 
‘Moor Than Meets the Eye’ Project:  Steve Scoffin, Project Manager, will be at our Annual Parish Meeting.  There is information about this project on the DNP website.
Newsletter:  Joanna Radford is hoping to produce her first Newsletter in time for the AGM in May, but she needs material.  Information about current projects or items of interest would be most welcome.  Anyone who has items for the newsletter should email them to joannaradford1@aol.com or contact her by phone.   
Emails and Correspondence:
• There was an email from Thomas Cadbury of the Royal Albert Museum concerning HIS talk about Moor Stories and the removal of old woodwork from churches.  There are two meetings at Marsh Barton. Thursday 21 March and Tuesday 16 April, 10.00a.m. to 12.30p.m. It is the RAMM Moor Stories Project, aimed at making archaeological collections more available through a website.
• Devon County Director team can publish details of our events.  This will be discussed by the Committee.
• Devon County Council “Engaging Devon”  Have your say on this strategy by looking at:- www.devon.gov.uk/getinvolved
• Sharpham Estate are organising some walks around the grounds looking at historical landscape.  (Friday mornings April, May & June Booking Essential on 01803 732747).
• Devon Heritage Services have an Open Day on 16th March with various speakers.  Great Moor House, Exeter, 10.00am to 3.30 pm.
Scams:  Anthony has information about a new gadget which can stop nuisance phone calls by blocking calls from withheld numbers.  There is a new trick around at present in multi-storey car parks, where a ticket is left on your rear window.  If you get out to remove this ticket, leaving your car door open, someone gets in and drives off.  There are also phone calls supposedly from banks volunteering to repay you some money.  Do not press ’5’ or ‘9’.  This is a scam.
Diary Dates:
Various dates in March (15th-23rd).  In the Shadow of the Vikings.  New Community Play by Med Theatre.  Various venues.  Telephone 01647 441356.
Tuesday, 2nd April.  Princetown History Group.  Lesser known Tors by Tim Jenkinson.
Wednesday 3rd April at Leusdon Memorial Hall, a coffee morning 10.00 a.m.
Wednesday, 3rd April.  Widecombe History Group.  The working at Golden Dagger Mine in the 1920s and 1930s, an illustrated talk by Dr Tom Greeves.  In the Church House, Widecombe, at 7.30pm
Friday, 12th April.  The Dartmoor Explorer.  A 30 mile train trip from Okehampton to Yeoford via the Meldon Quarry organised by the Dartmoor Society.  Leaves at 10.30am. 
Wednesday 1st May at Leusdon Memorial Hall, a coffee morning 10.00 a.m.
Wednesday, 1st May.  Widecombe History Group AGM, followed by a Progress Report on digitising the Widecombe archive. 
Tuesday, 7th May.  Princetown History Group have a visit to “Old Exeter”.  Meet 7.00pm at the Cathedral. 
Friday, 10th May.  Widecombe History Group visit to Wheal Martyn China Clay Country Park, St Austell.  Contact Marcia Babington.  01364 661263
Thursday, 13th June.  Margaret Phipps is organising a trip to Newquay Zoo.  Please contact Margaret Phipps.  01626 834737
Any Other Business:  None.
The meeting closed at 10.01pm.           


An Illustrated talk was given during the evening given by Phillippe Planel entitled In The Footsteps of Peter Orlando Hutchinson

Please click here to access that talk

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