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A Meeting of the Widecombe History Group was held at The Church House, Widecombe, on Wednesday, 5th June 2013  at  7.30pm.                               

There were 41 attendees.   
Apologies:  Patrick Garvey, Joy Routley, Barbara Norrish, Joan Brooks, Arthur Wrayford, Derek and Lyn Hext, Doug and Lyn Pigeon, Arch and Audrey Mortimore, Rose Mortimore, Alan and Mary Goodall, Mavis and Rick Clipson, Val Watson, Roger and Ann Claxton, Barry and Tanya Welch, John and Zena Lowe.
The Minutes of the AGM and the May monthly meeting were read and signed. 
Matters Arising:
Devon Remembers
.  Peter Rennells gave the Group an update on his work.  He has researched the 1911 Census and compiled a list of 200 names of men that could have gone to fight in WWI.  80 of these were in Widecombe.  These people need to be identified and we need to hunt for their relatives.  Some helpful information can be found from the WWII Home Guard lists, assuming some of these men may have served in WWI first.  Barbara Norrish has given Peter some very helpful information. It appears that 6 died from Widecombe, 6 from Leusdon and 1 from Buckland.
History As It Happens: 
• Miss Elizabeth Braund of East Shallowford Farm died recently.  Miss Braund, a remarkable lady, previously lived in London where she acquired a derelict chapel and worked for the youth of the area.  Those with problems would come in and talk to her and she gradually got their trust.  She then moved to East Shallowford where she had youngsters from London to stay and taught them how to look after animals.  Each year she staged a Nativity play at the farm, taking place in the stables and fields.  East Shallowford Farm has now been made into a Trust so that the work will continue.  Miss Braund and her partner, Rosemary Bird who died a few years ago, were both awarded the MBE.  At Miss Braund’s funeral, young Caribbean lads from London filled in her grave, which is apparently a Caribbean custom.  • Newbridge has been damaged yet again.  Interestingly, the remains of the Bailey Bridge constructed during the war still remains in place.
Heritage Centre.  Anthony announced that, at long last, the Group has acquired a site for the proposed Heritage Centre.  This consists of a piece of ground, two pig’s houses and a derelict shed beside the Saxon wishing well.  There is a considerable amount of work involved in converting this to display and storage areas.  We must thank Mrs Diane Cameron and Richard Holmes for agreeing to let the Group have this land.  If, for any reason, the Group folds, all the assets of the Group go to the Parish Council for the benefit of the community.  It is possible that funds may be available from the current project ‘Moor Than Meets the Eye’ and a request will be put in by the Group.  This has to be lodged by next month. 
Moor Then Meets the Eye Project.  There had been a meeting the previous Thursday, concerning Moor Than Meets the Eye, but it was poorly advertised and only about 30 people attended.  It emerged that there is about £47,000 available for the Widecombe area ‘hub‘.  £169,000 is being allocated to be spent at Uppacot to refurbish the longhouse and create a mediaeval garden.  It had been clarified that no money would be available for private enterprise.  The Dartmoor National Park are partners in the scheme but have no overall control and will not be deciding where the money should be spent.  The projects will be considered after 3rd July by the MTMTE stakeholders and partners. 
• Philip Planel (who spoke to the Group recently about Orlando Hutchinson) is giving a talk about him on 25th June at Sidmouth.
• Todd Gray gave his email address to Anthony in case of assistance with the Devon Remembers project.
Trip to Lower Ebear Farm.  There is still time to sign up for this trip.  Money (£12) to Marcia at the next meeting at the latest, please.  Car sharing will be arranged.  The cost includes tea on arrival, a tour, a walk by the canal and a substantial high tea. 
Widecombe Fair.  Peter Carrett pointed out that he and Aileen will be overseeing the layout of the marquee but will not be able to do the work involved.  There are four spare tables which need to be filled.  A theme for the year is required and Joanna Radford volunteered to consider doing Printing and Book Binding as the theme.
Diary Dates:
Tuesday, 2nd July.  Princetown History Group.  Visit to Haytor Quarry.  7.00pm at Haytor Lower Car Park.
Wednesday 3rd July Coffee Morning at Leusdon memorial Hall 10.00 a.m.
Wednesday, 3rd July.  Widecombe History Group.  John and Zena Lowe will talk about the Hampden Crash on Hameldown. 
Wednesday, 10th July.  Widecombe History Group outing to Lower Ebear Farm, Westleigh, members should arrive there by 2.00pm. Car sharing will be arranged at 3rd July meeting.
Tuesday, 6th August.  Princetown History Group is visiting Widecombe-in-the-Moor, the home of Beatrice Chase, with Simon Dell.  Meet 7.00pm outside the Church. 
Wednesday, 7th August.  Coffee morning at Leusdon Memorial Hall.  10.00am.
Wednesday, 7th August.  Widecombe History Group.  Illustrated talk by Julian Kemp on Didworthy Sanatorium film project.
Thursday, 29th August.  The Peter Hirst Memorial Walk with Mike Wright and Richard Wells..
Any Other Business:  None.
The meeting closed at 10.17pm.           


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