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A Meeting of The Widecombe History Group was held at he Church House,        Widecombe on Wednesday 7th  November 2012 7.30 P.M.
Apologies: Tanya & Barry Welch, Rodney & Wendy Cruze, Rose Mortimore, John Kimber, Peter & Miho Rennells, John & Zena Lowe, Joan Brookes, Paula Stevens, Ruth Parnell, Mavis & Rick Clipson, and Alan & Mary Goodall.
Mrs Sue Boustead was in the chair and 49 members and 9 visitors attended.
The minutes of the October meeting were read and signed as correct.
Widecombe Fair 10.09.2013:

Members were encouraged to think of possible exhibits for next year's Fair. Suggestions for themes and or the  'special item' which we stage each year. Last year was bees & honey.
History as it Happens:
1. In The Mid Devon Advertiser newspaper of 9th November 2012 the following was published:
"M. D. A. 9th November 1912: At Ashburton, the Cottage Hospital has benefited to the extent of £7. 18s. 3d. by the amateur theatricals presented in Ashburton and Leusdon recently."
2.  The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Stone erected at Leusdon, opposite the Silver Jubilee Stone which stands on Leusdon Green has now been completed.
Engraved is a diamond shape in which there is
a crown
Diamond Jubilee
1952 - 2012

3. Anthony Beard was congratulated on having won The BBC National Frank Gillard Award for 'Outstanding Contributions to Local Radio' for his work with BBC Radio Devon.
Successful digitising of our Parish Documents is continuing at a very satisfactory rate.
Air Crashes on Dartmoor:
John & Zena Lowe’s work on the crashes on Hameldown is continuing well.
John Kimber’s research into other Dartmoor crashes is turning up some interesting facts.
Heritage/Educational Centre:
The Committee members are continuing their efforts to bring this to fruition with limited success. We are in contact with Widecombe P. Council, Widecombe Sports Group and Dartmoor N. Park.
Leusdon Church 150th Anniversary:
We were informed that Leusdon Church will celebrate its 150th Anniversary of its dedication on 28th April 2013. It is understood that the church was dedicated in 1863 and its patron Saint is St John the Baptist. It was noted that historically on the Eve of St John the Baptist Day 24th June, there was held the ‘cartwheel rolling’ ceremony at Meltor. Will this be revived in 2013?
Marcia Babington was thanked for arranging such a wonderful trip to Poole, Dorset and the visit to the RNLI Training Centre on 6th October.
Widecombe Churchyard Survey:
It has been decided that a survey be done to update the Iris Woods catalogue of headstones of the churchyard. Mary Pascoe & Wendy Beard are going to bring this up to date and we will source the records of Burials, Funeral Services, and Internment of Ashes to achieve this. We are trying to obtain copies of the old Baptism, Marriages & Burials currently held at The Devon Records Office to help with this task, as well as the more up to date records.                                       
Proposed Alterations to Widecombe Church :
Rev. Geoffrey Fenton, our vicar, brought to our notice that Widecombe Parochial Church Council are considering the possibility of creating at our church, toilets and a small kitchen unit for the benefit of church goers. They are also looking into the possibility of creating an easy disabled access for wheelchairs etc. He would like the whole community to consider this idea and bring their ideas of how best this could be achieved, to the notice of the P. P. C. so that all parishioners can feel that they have had an input to the plans. Initially there are two possibilities:
a. To construct outside the church near the northwest corner, a building for this purpose, connected to the church by a doorway/passage into the north wall of the church. To this end, attempts are going ahead to contact Aberystwyth University, who undertook an archaeological survey of the ground between the church and the village green many years ago, to ascertain their findings. The ground appears to have been 'built up' there at one time, and bearing in mind the existence of a blocked gateway facing the green. Is the high bank an ancient protective earthwork or something comparatively modern, just a few hundred years old?
b. The creation of the kitchen/toilet internally at the rear of the church. This has been done in several churches in the county with great success.
It is to be hoped that these ideas will create a lot of discussion within the community and ultimately a satisfactory solution will be arrived at.
The meeting was also informed that a ‘faculty’ has been obtained from the diocese, to allow the Widecombe P. C. C. to install a small stained glass panel in a window in the south wall of the church to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The work is under way, a panel has already been removed in readiness for this, the new panel has been designed and is in process of being made.
Richard Wells added to our archives once again as our collection grows.
Names of places, bridges, lanes etc with particular reference to their Old Names & Spellings:
Terry French is building up a list of local names of places etc within the Parish. This includes farms, bridges, lanes etc. He is doing this, while there are still people living that can contribute and remember some of these old names. He intends to record the old names and spellings, as they refer back to parish documents, these will then be cross referenced with modern names and a better understanding will become available to young and old.
He is starting with 'Bridges' and 'Lanes'. Please help him with those in your immediate vicinity.
Diary dates:
Tuesday 20th November, Bovey Tracey Heritage Trust AGM 7.30 p.m.
Saturday 24th November, There will be a 'Bazaar' at Leusdon Memorial Hall from 12.00 noon onwards.
Tuesday 4th December, Princetown LHG, AGM at Prince of Wales Pub.
Wednesday 5th December, Coffee morning at Leusdon Memorial Hall 10.00 a.m.
Wednesday 5th December, WHG Meeting at 7.30 p.m. when Phil Page will talk about Eden Philpotts.
Saturday 15th December, Widecombe Christmas Festival.
(N. B. Audrey Mortimore & Sue Boustead have agreed to run the draw as last year - any prizes would be appreciated.) Please bring them to our December 5th Meeting.
Wednesday January 2nd 2013 there will be coffee morning at Leusdon memorial Hall 10.00 a.m.
Wednesday 2nd January 2013 This meeting will be our Annual "Bring and Share" New Year Party and will be held after our regular monthly meeting. Pat Watson will exhibit 'Snippets of Buckland's Archives' This will be of interest particularly as we had an interesting talk on Buckland Court at our November Meeting (see report below).
Correspondence and emails dealt with this past month:
During the past month many emails have been answered including information on:-
Dolly Treble nee Mosey and her cottage at Brimpts & Hexworthy. She was buried at Widecombe.Beatrice Chase and her White Knights.
An invitation from DNPA to a discussion on a. Dartmoor Landscape - Moorstories.   b. The Church Detective.
(We have invited Peter Dracup Widecombe P.C.C Secretary to join us on Saturday 30th November). The old documents of Bonehill (Bunhill) have been purchased locally.
A request for details regarding Norrish’s & French’s has been passed to family members to reply  A request has been sent to the DRO for further details of baptisms, marriages and burials relating to this parish.
Mike & Mo Wright informed us that ‘The Ipplepen Hub’ is closed for now but can be viewed at
blogs.exeter.ac.uk/diggingromandevon an interesting site.
A book launch by Derek Gore taks place on November 26th at DAS Laver Building EX4 4QE
The meeting closed at 10.09 p.m.

This month we were given an illustrated talk on The Restoration of Buckland Court by David Burke

please click here to access that talk

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