History group minutes September 2010

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A Meeting of The Widecombe History Group was held at The Church House, Widecombe, on Wednesday 1st September 2010 at 7.30 p.m.
The Chairman welcomed some new members.
Apologies: Anthony Beard, Wendy Cruze, Pat and Roger Dickinson, Roger Whale, Dot Jones and Richard Wells.
Mr. Terry French was in the Chair and 49 members attended.
Arising:    Widecombe Fair, 14th September 2010: Rodney Cruze reported that everything was on track for this year's Fair. Memorabilia including artefacts and photographs were prepared, and publications, paper weights, postcards, our new green biros and leaflets telling the story of the Uncle Tom Cobley model, were in good supply ready for the sales table. Maggie Faulkner has the Eden Phillpotts Exhibition in hand and several members have volunteered to help with the setup on Monday afternoon and on Fair Day. They will also help with the dismantling of the Exhibition at the end of the Fair. We are assured that the electricity supply will be available in the marquee. Group Equipment: Roger Claxton reported that he has ordered five Memory Sticks regarding the Tithe Map and Apportionment Records and they will be available to buy soon at the cost of £15 each. Village Event 16/17 October 2010: Nothing more to report from Pam Thomas, Manager of The National Trust shop at Widecombe. More details will be available at next month's meeting. Extra Storage Cabinets: No more news regarding the purchase of these cabinets. The 'Widecombe Shell': The Secretary is still awaiting a reply from the Widecombe Parish Council. It has recently been brought to our attention that The Widecombe Shell is believed to be the only ‘WW1 Trophy’ remaining in Devon and enforces what our Group agreed last month that it must not be mutilated or turned into a collection box, as it is a rare valuable asset to the community. (These Trophies were given to villages, towns and cities in recognition of their support for the war effort, some cities had tanks, some towns had guns but we have our fifteen inch Naval Shell.) Heritage Centre: No more to report this month. North Hall: The Secretary has sent a letter to 'Natural England' in support of Margaret and Michael's application for funding a Geophys etc. survey. Peter Hirst Memorial Walk, Challacombe: Approximately 25 members together with some members of the DTRG enjoyed a stroll around the medieval farmstead and the old tin works with Debbie Griffiths on Sunday 29th August. The Walk reached Headland Warren Farm and there were several inputs made from the DTRG as well as Debbie. Thanks to Richard Wells for organising this event.
A Suggestion Box is being put on the table each month, so if anyone has any ideas etc., please use Several pens, priced £1, as well as the leaflets on the restoration of the U.T.C. model, at 25p, were sold at the meeting and will be on sale at Widecombe Fair. Thanks were expressed to Aileen and Peter Carrett.
Correspondence and e-mails: The e-mail received last month requesting information regarding military connections with the parish during the 1939/45 war, will be discussed at next month's meeting when perhaps more information will be made available. Application for access to Churchwardens' Accounts: Another letter has been received from a student requesting  access to the Churchwarden's Accounts. It was again decided that the Secretary write and  explain our difficulty with this request until the Accounts have been digitised.It was further agreed that this subject be brought before the Group’s Committee meeting to be held in October. Secretary will approach the Parish Council.
Diary Dates: Sat.4-Sun.5 Sept.: Walks organised to celebrate 25 years of the Dartmoor Magazine. Tues.7th September: Princetown History Group. Talk by Simon Dell on the Ten Tors Challenge. Fri.10th September: DTRG Short guided walk around part of Brimpts Tin  Mines Trail. Meet at Brimpts Farm 2-4 p.m.  Fri.24th September: Jubilee Hall, Chagford, Evening of Celebration in Chagford, buffet supper and talk re Crockern Tor Great Courts of Devon Tinners 1510 and 1710. Sat.2nd October : Beating the bounds of Spitchwick Manor 8.00 a.m.  Terry French and Belinda Owen will represent us. Wed.6th October: Leusdon Memorial Hall Coffee Morning. Wed.6th October: Our monthly meeting, an illustrated talk on The History of Paignton Zoo, the Whitley Wildlife Trust and Herbert Whitley will be given by a member of the Education Department.
                                   The meeting closed at 9.45 p.m.
                       The talk this month was given by Dr. Todd Gray
                 The title of his talk was The New Directions on Devon's History

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