History Group Minutes October 2010

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A Meeting of The Widecombe History Group was held at The Church House, Widecombe, on Wednesday 6th October 2010 at 7.30 p.m.
The Chairman welcomed some more new members to the meeting and explained the workings of the group.
Apologies:-     Roger & Ann Claxton, Mary Pascoe, Valerie Casey, Richard Wells and Jenny Pascoe.
Mr Terry French was in the chair and 55 members attended.
Widecombe Fair, 14th September 2010; Another very successful Heritage Marquee was presented at the Fair this year, and thanks were expressed to everyone who contributed in any way to its success. Included are those who helped with the preparations and the breaking down of the exhibition after the show, and creating all the exhibits. Particular thanks to Rodney & Wendy Cruze for the transport and thatching sections, and their help by storing our equipment each and every year. Maggie Faulkner for the Eden Phillpotts tribute display, Roger Claxton for the technical support, Mary Pascoe & Aileen Carrett for the wildlife display, and to Aileen & Peter Carrett for their generosity in keeping our members supplied with tea/coffee etc all day and during preparation day on the Monday.
We have received from Graham & Edith Woolard of Canada, a copy of Harry Price's "Royal Tour Book" and a ‘West of England Heritage Print’ depicting Widecombe Fair created in 1999 by Julian Clark. Thanks has been expressed to them. Aileen has produced once again a book based on Widecombe Fair for this year and it includes much information about the above presentations. She has also produced a pictorial record of The Peter Hirst Memorial Walk 2010.
Widecombe Fair, Tuesday 13th September 2011: Rodney informed the group that the measurements of the marquee this year was 18 metres x 6 metres and we should plan on these dimensions in the future, or at least (40 feet x 20 feet in English!) also needed are at least 10 tables and 20 chairs to stage all our material. He will not be able to organise next years marquee, so Peter & Aileen will act as co-ordinators. Any one wishing to stage items in next years Widecombe Fair Marquee, please discuss your requirements with them first so they can then plan the layout. Maggie Faulkner expressed an interest in staging more on the subject of genealogy, and she has been in contact with Mary Hyland of 'Plantagenesta', an organisation based at Powderham, who in July this year gave us a talk on tracing your family tree. This will be in addition to our census records that always seems to create interest. This idea was received with enthusiasm, and will no doubt be very popular, time limits for individual enquiries will be needed, as this will whet many people’s appetites in tracing their family trees!
Committee Activities: The committee is purchasing the equipment necessary to begin the process of digitising our parish documents. A form asking for volunteers for this project was passed around, to date we have 12 volunteers - a few more are needed. Roger Claxton will expand on this at future meetings.
Village Event 16-17th October: A Boots & Beer Festival is being held in the village and we have been asked to display a few old agricultural implements on the Church House Lawn. Rodney has agreed to supply three or four items but they must be put securely inside the Hall at night. Sue Boustead has agreed to man a book stall both days and Maggie & Terry have agreed to assist her on Saturday, and Aileen & Peter will help on Sunday. We believe the day will include, apple pressing for juice, local ciders and ales, a barbecue with local sausages, Morris Dancers, and there will be walking, orienteering and cycle routes for people to participate in starting and ending in the village square. The options of a four mile walk, a seven mile one, and a guided cycle ride from the square at 10.30 a.m. each day.
Extra Storage Cabinets: These are still being sourced.
The Widecombe Shell: The secretary understands that its future is secure and will remain intact.
Heritage Centre: There is a move afoot by The Widecombe Parochial Church Council to secure the whole of The Vicarage Yard for ever, as an asset for the parish. There is a need to ascertain how and why it slipped out of our parish control. This may have happened when the Diocese took over 'Glebe grounds' in c1971. We have agreed to support the P. C. C. in it’s endeavours to secure this. There is a possibility that the P. C. C. minutes will contain details of how it became Diocesan property, this could help resolve the matter. We shall also interview Peter Hicks, churchwarden at that time, to see if he can throw any light on the matter. Three members have recently visited The Devon Records Office, to see if they could find any information, however without success. They copied three pages of the burial records and gave them to the group as examples of what is stored there. Sue Boustead continues to 'man' our book stall each month and runs our 50/50 draw with great success. This all helps keep our finances in a satisfactory state as we still aim to set up a 'Heritage Centre'. Thanks Sue!
North Hall: The orchard is progressing well and we hope that the community will be able to enjoy its progress. Perhaps a juice making event or even a 'Wassail' in January.
Correspondence and e-mails: The Parish Council agrees that when we have digitised the Churchwardens Accounts they should be made available on CD. Secretary has written to John Draisey at DRO and thanked him for the recently received CD of Widecombe Maps. Rodney Cruze has given our archives a copy of ‘A Bill for Thatching The Church House' in 1865 - 1873.
Diary Dates: D. N. P. Exhibition 'Going for Bronze' is on at Postbridge until Sunday 31st October. Princetown LHG meet at Princetown Community Centre at 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday 2nd November when John Risdon will give a talk on 'The Mariner's Way'.
Leusdon Memorial Hall will hold a coffee morning on Wednesday 3rd November at 10.00 a.m. Our next meeting is on Wednesday 3rd November at 7.30 p.m. at The Church House and will take the form of a discussion on 'The Changing Faces of Widecombe'
Buckland asked us to support Buckland Village Hall on Friday 26th November at 7.30 p.m. for a pre Christmas Bingo. Wednesday 1st December a coffee morning at Leusdon Memorial Hall at 10.00 a.m. Our December Meeting will be on Wednesday 1st December when Michael Pascoe will give an illustrated talk on 'The History of Bell Ringing and the Bells of Widecombe Church, it may include a demonstration of the Bells being rung. A Bazaar will be held on Saturday 4th December at 2.00 p.m. at Buckland Village Hall. Contact 01364 654008.
A.O. B.: Roger Claxton, our treasurer, has produced 'claim forms' for people to use when claiming expenses for photocopying, or other authorised expenditure. These are obtainable direct from Roger - please use them or you won't get paid! Pat Watson gave the group a copy of a poster dated August 30th 1883, regarding the public opening of 'The New Organ' at Leusdon Church on September 6th that year. Anthony has agreed to give a guided walk to members of Petrockstowe Local History Group on Friday 10th June 2011, they will make a donation to our funds. An enquiry has been received from Torquay Museum Society for a walk and talk about Widecombe. We await their reply having agreed in principle. Ann Claxton is arranging 'Carols Down The Line' again this year for Wednesday 8th December at 7.00 p.m. a list for those interested was passed around and to date 27 signed up. This year tickets are £8.50. Please pay at the November Meeting.
The speaker at this month's meeting was Rob Lovell, member of the Education Department, of Paignton Zoo Environmental Park.
He spoke about the history of the Zoo and its founder Herbert Whitley and The Whitley Wildlife Trust.

Please click here to access the talk

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