History Group Minutes November 2010

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A Meeting of the Widecombe History Group was held at The Church House, Widecombe on Wednesday 3rd November 2010 at 7.30 p.m.

The Chairman welcomed some more new members to the meeting.

 Apologies: Sue Booty, Doug & Lynne Pidgeon, Carl Haywood, Roger & Pat Dickinson, Peter & Aileen Carrett, Margaret Phipps, Ann Murphy, Syd & Jo Pontin, Lyn & Derek Hext, Barbara Norrish, Mavis & Rick Clipson, Val Watson, John Walling and Alan & Mary Goodall.
Mr Terry French was in the chair and 37 members attended.
Widecombe Fair 13th September 2011: Aileen & Peter Carrett are currently developing a plan for the Heritage Marquee. They intend to have the genealogy stand at the southern end of the tent and to arrange the back of the tent in 'bays' for individual sections. There is a possibility of Honiton Lace or apple pressing as a theme. Ideas are still welcome as no final decision has been made. Please bring your ideas to them as soon as you can. Any potential costs should be discussed with them and the treasurer beforehand. Committee Activities:    The Millennium Book of photographs: This book seems to have been mislaid. It was suggested that we contact Chris Mayhead who originally undertook the task of photographing members of the parish in 2000 outside their homes. A CD of his photographs was placed in the 'time capsule' buried on the village green and a book was also prepared - this is what is being sought. Please try and track it down. Membership List: Members were given a form on which to record their names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses for easier and quicker contact. Gift Aid Forms: These are available from the treasurer and by signing the 'Gift Aid Form', the treasurer is able to claim an extra 28 pence from the treasury for every £1 donated by anyone who is a tax payer, making donations to the group, Storage Cabinets: Richard Wells brought the new storage cupboard to the meeting and it has been placed in the Church House and we thank the Management Committee for their support. The new filing cabinet will arrive shortly. Quiz Evening: The committee has decided that we should hold a quiz evening, possibly at Leusdon Memorial Hall in the spring. The proceeds should be divided 50% to the Group and 50% to a local charity. Terry French has agreed to be question master. Uncle Tom Cobley Mechanical Model: We have heard from Christine Playdell that she and her immediate family have visited Widecombe Church and they are delighted on how the model is displayed. She will be encouraging other members of her family to visit and see it, the church and what else we have on display there. Village   Events: The event on 16-17th October went very well and thanks was expressed to all helpers. Another event is planned for December 19th and we have been asked to give a prize for the raffle from which 50% will go to a local charity and 50% will come to our funds. Widecombe Shell: We have heard from the Parish Council that they will not now be disfiguring the shell in any way but they may erect a collection box nearby to benefit a charity involved with fund raising for the armed forces. (See September minutes). Sam Boustead brought a cutting from 'The Western Front Association's Bulletin 88' in which the shell is mentioned. He suggested that he should wait for any replies that are printed before we respond. The cutting was filed for reference!    2011 Programme: Ann Claxton produced the programme of meetings, speakers and walks for 2011 and there is a possibility that there will be additions during the year. Hence the benefit of our membership list above!  Heritage and Educational Centre: We are still trying to get this project off the ground.  We have heard from our Churchwarden that in c1971 the Glebe Lands held by all Churches in the country were taken over by their respective Dioceses. This is why the 'Glebe Farm' fields and the old vicarage yard are now in their hands. There is a real feeling in the community that this needs to be followed up with a view to getting the yard back securely into the hands of the Parish once and for all, as an asset to the Parish and the Community. We need to work with the Parochial Church Council in an effort to achieve this and get it registered as belonging to the Parish instead of the Church. Secretary has been asked to contact a past Churchwarden Peter Hicks to see if he has any memories of the event and also to contact again Rev Rawlings to let him know of our continued interest. North Hall: It was reported that the owners have introduced several more apple trees into the orchard and it is developing well. There has been a very good crop this year and contact needs to be maintained. There is a thought of having a botanical walk and talk later this year, could Bartons and the North Hall site be a good venue for this?  Digitising: A list of members willing to volunteer to help with digitising our Parish Documents is being drawn up. Contact Ann & Roger if you would like to join the list. The possibility of getting a grant(s) towards this project is being explored. This may involve a 50-50 funding, one half coming from us.
Emails & Correspondence: A warning about a SCAM - Callers pretending to be from VISA or MasterCard calling and after a short chat they ask for the three digit number on the back of your credit card. They appear to have all your details but do NOT tell them the one thing that they need - YOUR PIN NUMBER - they say that they are from a Security Dept. This is all lies - just hang up! An enquiry about Hannaford House/Manor c 1943 - 5, when part of it was a Maternity Hospital. Any information to the secretary please. See Dartmoor News Issue 117. Request from Torquay Museum Society for a guided walk in 2011. Replied that we would do this subject to dates. Awaiting reply.  A contact has been made with Rob Wolton of The Devon Hedge Group -  01837 810416. He is seeking photographs and stories about Devon's Hedges - more next month. Possible talk for the future. Information sought on the Hannaford family - passed on to the family to reply. Information sought on the Hext family - passed on to the family to reply. BBC Devon are running a 'Test the County' on Thursday 20th January in aid of their Radio Devon Air Ambulance Appeal. Teams of 4, fee £5 per team. Suggest Parish Council gather teams from the parish to take part. We are willing to man a team.
Diary Dates:   Friday 26th November - At Buckland Village Hall there will be a Pre- Christmas Bingo at 7.30 p.m. Wednesday December 1st - A coffee morning and craft sale at Leusdon Memorial Hall from 10.00 a. m. Wednesday December 1st - Our monthly meeting will be held at The Church House Widecombe at 7.30 p.m. when Michael Pascoe will give an illustrated talk on "The History of Bell Ringing and the Bells of Widecombe Church". There is a chance that groups of no more that TEN at a time may be taken to see the Ringing Chamber in the tower. Saturday December 4th - There will be a Bazaar at Buckland Village Hall from 2.00 p.m. Wednesday January 5th - This will be our Annual New Year's Party - After a short business meeting Mike Wright will show slides with the theme "Favourite Photo's of the Haytor Area of Dartmoor". This will be followed by a 'Bring & Share Buffet'. Peter Rennells has agreed to concoct up the usual 'punch' for the evening and he also suggests that we do something similar at our A. G. M. in May.
A. O. B.: Mary Pascoe & Aileen Carrett request photo's of wildlife and weather taken in the district to complete their pictorial folders of the same.  An email from a Sophie Popper of London seeking help with a project. It was suggested that she should be pointed in the direction of Dartmoor National Park's Educational Dept. Pat Watson has offered to take members on a walk before the ferns come up around Headland Mine area during February or March.
There followed an illuminated slide show of old postcards of “The Changing Face of Widecombe” given by Ann Claxton
The meeting closed at 10.30 p.m.

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