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A meeting of the Widecombe History Group was held at The Church House,                Widecombe, on Wednesday 7th July 2010 at 7.30 p.m.
Apologies: Margaret Phipps, Roger Whale, Dot Jones, Sue Booty, Ruth Parnell, Sid and Joyce Pontin, Alan and Mary Goodall, Wendy Beard, Joy Routley, Barbara Norrish, Joan Brooks, Ann Murphy, Carl Haywood and Derek and Lyn Hext.
Mr. Terry French was in the Chair and 37 people attended.
The Minutes of the June meeting was read and signed as correct.
Arising:   Widecombe Fair, 14th September 2010: Mr. Rodney Cruze gave a resume of the preparations for Widecombe Fair this year. As well as a Thatching Demonstration, there will be a CD running during the day showing pictures relevant to the craft. Local haulage businesses are co-operating with Rodney to stage an exhibition of haulage in the parish through the years, including photographs of their lorries etc. It is hoped that at least one actual lorry of the old Brian Harris fleet will be attending. Maggie Faulkner is developing an exhibition regarding the late Eden Phillpotts, his books and writings. A DVD of Eden Phillpotts' 'The Farmer's Wife' will be showing during the day. Group Equipment: The Group has received a grant from Widecombe Parish Council of £346.20 towards some electrical equipment provided we make it available to other groups within the parish. The type of things we are considering are a laptop or a visualiser, suitable for visual presentations etc. Secretary will write and thank them. Village Event 16th & 17th October 2010: We have heard from Pam Thomas, the manager at The National Trust Shop, Widecombe, that a village event is planned and that various businesses in the village are prepared to be involve. It will be a 'Boots, Beer and Bike' weekend with a BBQ and music based around The Old Inn. The National Trust will hold an 'Apple and Cheese Fayre with locally sourced food and drink at The Church House, Widecombe. It is also planned to have an apple juice pressing event using apples from the orchard at Parke, Bovey Tracey. In the village there will be Map Reading Classes for children with an associated treasure hunt, Morris Dancing, Hawking Demonstration and outdoor clothes exhibition.Widecombe History Group has been asked to stage an Historic Implement Exhibition and for fun perhaps an apple bobbing game for the children. We shall contact Michael Lamb and Margaret Rogers to see if they are prepared for the ' North Hall Orchard' to be open for visits as they are now developing and restoring that part of our heritage. Perhaps we could have Widecombe Juice made there on the day - we shall await developments with interest.
Widecombe Heritage and Educational C:entre This project is still ongoing. We are currently in communication with Widecombe Parochial Church Council to see if a satisfactory outcome can be achieved. The old Reading Room and yard is one idea, and some tastefully conceived scheme within the Church building itself is another. It has been brought to our attention that many churches are now increasing the use of these glorious building by encouraging local bodies to use the church for secular meetings and events which should help with the everyday running costs of maintaining our church's heritage.An interesting article in July 2010 edition of 'Church of England - News from the Diocese of Exeter', needs careful study. Chagford and Stoke Cannon are excellent examples of what can be done. There are two contacts worth calling upon for advice: a.Louise Skinner, church buildings adviser 01392 294944 &,b.Debbie Starling, 01626 779803. A meeting of our Heritage Committee is scheduled for Monday 12th July at 7.30 p.m. Display Cabinets: Once again Newton Abbot Museum has given us a cabinet which is of no further use to them. A letter of thanks will be sent to them. Thanks to Aileen and Peter Carrett for collecting it for us. Newhouse: June Kernick has given our Group a copy of her interesting booklet ‘The Mystery of Newhouse’ in which she explores the history, legend and family history, attached to this ruined site. Was it burnt down or pulled down? Built possibly in the 1700s. Occupied by the Leaman family in the mid 19thC. Harriet Leaman married George Hannaford in 1852 but he died in 1853. She married Daniel Follett at Widecombe in 1857. By 1891 Harriett and Daniel were at The Rugglestone Inn. On the back cover of the booklet is a picture of ‘Granny Follett’ (Harriett Leaman) which at one time hung in The Rugglestone Inn. If you wish to learn more you can contact June and she will let you have a copy of her research for £1.50 this will cover the cost of re-production. It really is worth it. June is the great great granddaughter of Harriet and her first husband. 01626 821841. Widecombe Church House Management Committee: The committee are aware that we are desperately short of storage space for the increasing number of documents and equipment that we are gathering. They have kindly agreed that we can put an additional cupboard in the hall. Members are asked to keep a look out for suitable storage cabinets. Sue Boustead thinks that she may have a suitable cabin trunk.
Correspondence and emails: Several letters and emails have been dealt with this past month including enquiries about local manors, the Follett family (see above), The Uncle Tom Cobley Model, local police community matters and The Devon History Society’s meeting at Petrockstowe scheduled for Saturday 24th July. We have answered the queries to the best of our ability and we have had appreciative replies in several cases.
Diary Dates: Saturday 9th July - Guided Walk around the village of Widecombe - meet at the car park 6.00 p.m. Thursday 15th July - A stroll around the forest near Belvedere at the top of Haldon Hill, meet at Belvedere Car Park 6.15 p.m. to be followed by a guided tour of Belvedere Tower at 7.15 p.m. £2 per person. Tuesday 3rd August - Princetown History Group have a guided visit to Reddaford & Yellowmead Farms in the company of Dr Tom Greeves. Meet at Lane Head at 7.00 p.m. Grid 537/823 . Wednesday 4th August - Leusdon Memorial Hall coffee morning 10 a.m. Wednesday 4th August - Our monthly meeting at the Church House, Widecombe which will take the form of a discussion evening allied to Widecombe Fair preparations. 7.30 p.m.
Sunday 29th August - The Peter Hirst Memorial Walk - guided walk around Challacombe with Deborah Griffiths at 2.00 p.m. followed by a stroll to Headland Warren. Bring a picnic or finish up at Warren House Inn! The choice is yours!
The meeting closed at 10.00 p.m.
The talk this month was given by Mary Hyland of ‘Plantagenesta’ a Family History Research Organisation. The title of her talk was:-   “Dare you climb your Family Tree?

Please click here to access that talk

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