History Group Minutes December 2010

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welcomed everyone who had braved the extreme cold evening.                                        
Apologies Doug & Lynne Pigeon, Carl Haywood, Derek & Lyn Hext, Ruth Parnell, John Butcher, Jim Churchward, Betty Andrews, Roger Whale, Dot Jones, Archie Mortimore, Ann Murphy, Peter Rennells, Roger & Pat Dickinson, Marcia Babington, Alan & Mary Goodall.
Mr Terry French was in the chair and 33 members attended.
Arising: Widecombe Fair 13th September 2011: Peter & Aileen Carrett reported that plans for next year's Fair, are well in hand. Successful contact has been made with the Devon Guild of Lace Makers, they will be supporting our Heritage Marquee with demonstrations and exhibits. It appears that there are 7 different types of Devon Lace and these will hopefully be demonstrated on the day. Maggie Faulkner is in negotiation with Mary Hyland 'of Plantagenesta' who will be offering advice on "Tracing your family tree". Aileen Carrett and Mary Pascoe are working on an Exhibition of old time kitchen utensils. Peter is planning to look at bus services in the area and made an appeal for photographs in connection with Beard's and Tor Buses including names of drivers and other memorabilia. 
Membership list: This still needs to be updated, contact Sue Boustead with your details.
Gift Aid Forms: These are obtainable from Sue Boustead and our Treasurer Roger Claxton.
Storage Cabinets: Our two new storage cabinets are now in place in the Church House, thanks are recorded to Richard Wells for obtaining them for us. The Secretary will write to the Church House Management Committee thanking them for their co-operation. 
Quiz Evenings: The Secretary will contact the Parish Council to see if they are interested in partaking in BBC Radio Devon's Air Ambulance Appeal 'Test the County Quiz', to be held on Thursday 20th January 2011. The History Group are prepared to enter a team of four members at an entry fee of £5 per team.
Terry French has offered to act as Question Master for a local Fun Quiz Evening in the spring.
Village Event: This is scheduled for Saturday 18th December and Sue Boustead and Audrey Mortimore offered to man the raffle stall. We have agreed to donate a cuddly toy as a prize and we understand that 50% of the proceeds of the raffle will go to a local charity and 50% will be donated to our funds. Assistance from a few more members would be appreciated, so they can have a break during the day.
2011 Programme: Copies of this are now available and thanks were expressed to Ann Claxton yet again for a very varied programme. Newsletter Vol. 26. Sue Booty was thanked for producing our latest edition. Jessie Boston has done a line drawing of Dunstone Cross for the newsletter, and the Secretary has agreed to write and thank her. Sue Boustead has produced paper carriers with our 'Logo' to be used on our stalls.
Carols Down the Line: Members were reminded that the 'Annual Carols Down the Line' evening at Buckfastleigh Railw+ay Station, will take place on Wednesday 8th December. Please arrive by 7.00 p.m. and Carriage 'C' has been reserved for us.
Heritage and Educational Centre: Secretary has contacted Peter Hicks, Church Warden c.1971, for his memories of when the Diocese took over the Glebe lands. Peter has always been of the opinion that the Reading Room belonged to the parish, we will bear this in mind in our negotiations with the Diocese, from whom we are expecting a letter.
North Hall: Peter Rennells, who has been our main researcher, regarding the North Hall Manor site, has been co-operating with the new owners, Margaret Rogers and Michael Lamb. He has given them a complete copy of his notes to date including information about the orchard. Margaret and Michael have this year pressed all the apples from the orchard, and are hoping to produce some excellent cider in the near future, from the juice obtained. There has been a suggestion that in mid-January we should hold a Wassail Ceremony in the orchard, and possibly do a botanical walk perhaps in April around the site and through 'Bartons', the land between North Hall site and the River Webbern. The secretary will contact them with our ideas.
Photographic Images relating to Widecombe & the surrounding area: It has been brought to our notice that there are two websites worth looking at: www.imagesofengland.org.uk - where 99 pictures are available, and  www.dartmoorarchive.org/search - where 174 pictures are on show.
Digitising: More volunteers are required for our plan to digitise parish documents. Contact Roger and Ann Claxton. 
E-mails and Correspondence: Secretary has replied to several e-mails during the month. Has anyone any details of Dartmoor Wrestling? - please notify the Secretary. A copy of the Hext Family Tree has been given to the local Hext family.
Diary Dates: Wednesday 5th January, Coffee Morning at Leusdon Memorial Hall. Wednesday 5th January, this will be our Annual New Year's Party, after a short business meeting Mike Wright will show a selection of his Slides with the theme 'Favourite Photos of the Haytor Area of Dartmoor'. This will include the Granite Railway, Foale's Arrish, and The Templar Way. This will be followed by a Bring and Share Buffet Supper and Peter Rennells will supply his excellent Punch. Members can bring their own drink if they so wish. Tea/coffee will also be available.
It was with regret that we record the deaths of Geoffrey Hannaford and Geoffrey Weymouth. Geoffrey Weymouth gave many illustrated talks about wild life in the area and perhaps one day we shall be able to get copies of some of his brilliant photographs when staging wild life exhibitions.
Memory Sticks are now available from Roger Claxton containing details of the Tithe Map and the associated Apportionment Book at £15 (not including postage).
Thanks were expressed to everyone who brought mince pies for the interval.
Jane Russell and a group of other Musicians are practising some nineteenth century Church Band music from a book 'Never on Sunday' transcribed and edited by Rollo G. Woods on behalf the Purbeck Village Quire (Swanage 2009). The book contains 17 West Gallery Manuscripts from the parish of Widecombe in the Moor. Pieces of music entitled - Broadaford Gallop, Broadaford March, Devonshire March, French's March, Hetor Vale Waltz, Jordan March and The Widecombe March, feature in the book. Any musicians that would like to take part, contact Jane.
Michael Pascoe gave an illustrated talk on 'The History of Bell Ringing and the Bells of Widecombe Church.

                                                           Please click here to access that talk

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