History Group Minutes September 2009

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A Meeting of The Widecombe History Group was held at The Church House, Widecombe on Wednesday 2nd September 2009 at 7.30 p.m.

Apologies: Rick & Mavis Clipso n, Barbara Norrish, Joy Routley, Belinda Owen, Pat & Roger Dixon, Dot Jones, Ann Murphy, Dawn Nosworthy, Jim & Ruby Churchward, Betty Andrews and Peter Rennells.  

Roger Claxton was in the Chair and 40 members attended.  
The Minutes of the August meeting were read and after a couple of amendments they were signed as correct.  
Arising:  Widecombe Fair 8th September 2009: Aileen and Peter Carrett reported that the Heritage Marquee arrangements were now well in hand and a summary then followed. U. T. Cobley Model:  Mike Wright, Sid Pontin and Aileen Carrett, the three members that have been fully involved in the restoration of the Model were each presented with a framed photograph of the now completed model. They were congratulated on their efforts and a vote of thanks was recorded to them for the ‘more than 250 hours of voluntary work that they have jointly put into the restoration project‘.  The question of how and where it will be stored or exhibited was then discussed. We have recently been given by Newton Abbot Museum two display cabinets but neither were fit for this purpose. A letter of thanks is to be sent to the Museum. Members were asked to think about this and bring their ideas and suggestions to the next meeting. The measurements of the model are 39” long, 15” wide and 32” high. One idea was to use ready toughened glass from secondary double glazing panes, obtainable from re-cycling centres, The smooth edges could be glued together in the style of an inverted ‘fish-tank’. Demonstration:   The ‘Fleece to Jumper’ theme has been amended now to ‘Fleece to Rug’ this is due to the texture of the Dartmoor Greyfaced Sheep’s Wool. Spinning and Weaving will now be demonstrated on Fair Day. Exhibitions: All the exhibits are now ready for display at the Fair. Display Boards: These are now being held in The Reading Room in preparation for Fair Day. They will be brought to the field on Monday Morning. Volunteers to meet at 11.30 a.m. to do this, in preparation for the assembly of exhibits in the marquee at 2.30 p.m. Monday. A stall selling our books etc: This will be manned by Sue Boustead and she will need some assistance with this. Request for volunteers to sell programmes at the Fair and for entries for the produce tent were received.  
Archives: Members were made aware that if they wish to borrow any items being held in our archives they should contact Richard Wells our archivist for details. He has a system whereby items are signed out and returned the next month.  
North Hall / Glebe Farm: Contact has been made with the owners and they have agreed that a meeting should be held soon after Widecombe Fair to carry the process of co-operation forward. Initially Peter Rennells, the Chairman and Secretary will meet with them and we shall progress from there.      
Kingshead Corner ‘D’ Stone: The secretary reported on a discussion that he has had with Jane Marchand, Archaeologist at Dartmoor National Park Authority. She is prepared to get the stone re-erected / up-righted, but first we must fill in an application form obtainable on-line. In the meantime we need to search the surrounding area to see if there are any more possible ‘boundary stones’ that need examining. Grid references of them will need recording. At our June Meeting she gave a talk on ‘Protecting Dartmoor’s Past’, this fits into this category very well!  
The Old Reading Room / Heritage and Educational Centre: Secretary reported that he has heard from Jonathan Aylett, he has produced his report for the Totnes Archdeaconry Glebe Committee regarding the Reading Room Site, and it is now in their hands and should be discussed at their October Meeting. We can only sit and wait for their response. A vote of thanks was recorded to Barbara Norrish and Joy Routley for their successful fund raising whist drive held in aid of this project. Secretary has put an item in The Parish Newsletter thanking local businesses for their support. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have looked at our constitution and have recommended some variations, in order for it to be suitable for Charitable Status. Our Management Committee will need to meet soon to consider the points raised. (N. B. The Group Management Committee consists of Chairman Roger Claxton, Secretary Anthony Beard, Treasurer Jenny Pascoe, Vice-chairman Terry French, Programme Co-ordinator Ann Claxton and three members, Sue Boustead, Mary Pascoe & Sam Boustead.) (N.B. The Reading Room Sub-Committee consists of Chairman Roger Claxton, Secretary Anthony Beard, Treasurer Jenny Pascoe, Vice-chairman Terry French, Programme Co-ordinator Ann Claxton and six members Mary Pascoe, Sue Boustead, John Walling, Sam Boustead, Rodney Cruze and Roger Whale.  
Peter Hirst Memorial Walk: Richard Wells was thanked for organising yet again a very enjoyable informative walk in Peter’s memory. At the event we remembered all other past members that are no longer with us or no longer capable of joining in our activities. This Annual Event, held on 29th August, (Peter’s Birthday) is always an enjoyable occasion. This year about 40 people attended, including members of The D.T.R.G. who acted as our guides, as we visited the Vitifer and Golden Dagger Tin Mine sites, and interpreted the scene for us. Secretary will send letters of thanks to them. A copy of an explanatory leaflet supplied by the D.T.R.G. will be deposited in our archives. Absent friends were remembered at The Warren House Inn afterwards!  
Correspondence / E-mails: A letter has been received from Jan Olszewski, the son of the late Mrs Winifred French, offering the group some documents that he found amongst her possessions. Secretary has replied saying how much we appreciate the offer and look forward to receiving them. The Chairman and Secretary have replied to several e-mails this past month assisting with enquiries about Widecombe, Widecombe Fair, sales of books etc, and other local information and connections. Ann Claxton will try to arrange 'Carols Down the Line again this December'.  
Diary Dates: Tuesday 8th September: Widecombe Fair. Wednesday 16th September:   Moretonhampstead LHG - talk by Robert Hesketh on Devon Inns and their Signs. Monday 21st September:   We host again the Devon W. I. for a talk about and a walk around Widecombe in The Church House from 10.30 a.m.  
Wednesday 23rd September:   The Lustleigh Society have a talk by Professor Mark Brayshay on The impact on Devon of the eruption of the Loki Volcano in 1783. Tuesday 6th October: Princetown LHG - talk by John Risdon on Glimpses of South Devon’s Rural Past. Wednesday 7th October:  Leusdon Memorial Hall coffee morning 10 a.m. - 12 noon. Wednesday 7th October:   Our Monthly Meeting when Commander Charles Crichton Retired, will talk on “My Early Days in The Royal Navy. Wednesday 14th October:  A visit to Newton Abbot Museum and The Great Western Railway Room has been arranged for 7.30 p.m. About 20 members expressed an interest to attend by putting their names on a list provided at the meeting.  
& The meeting closed at 10.15 p.m.
This month’s Illustrated talk was given by Roger Harding the Chairman of The Stover Canal Society and The Stover Canal Trust. 
                                                              please click here to access that talk.

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