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A Meeting of The Widecombe and District Local History Group was held at The Church House, Widecombe on Wednesday 1st April 2009 at 7.30 p.m.
Apologies: Jim & Ruby Churchward, Betty Andrews, Derek Hext, Peter Rennells, Bessie French, Rosemary Mortimore, Colin Dyson, Tim Owen.
The minutes of the March meeting were read and signed as correct.
Mr Roger Whale was in the chair and 59 people attended.
A Minutes silence
was observed in memory of Audrey Lamb who died on Monday 30th March. Audrey had been a member for many years and she was once Landlady of The Rugglestone Inn, having taken on the licence from her mother and father Harry and Gladys Lamb. Her Grandparents the Folletts were the last landlords of the Inn at New House, now derelict, on the Cold East Cross to Hemsworthy Gate road. At her funeral on Tuesday 7th April a donation will be made to her chosen Charity on behalf of the Group.CAA A card has been sent to Margaret & Alan Steemson on their Golden Wedding Anniversary. Margaret was the first chairman of the group when it was formed in 1997. It was agreed to send a ‘get well card’ and some flowers to Ruby Churchward, currently in Torbay Hospital.
Arising:  Widecombe Fair Tuesday 9th September 2009: Peter and Aileen Carrett reported that good progress is continuing towards the arrangements for this year's Heritage Marquee. Ideas being explored include:  A 'fleece to jumper' demonstration.  A display of weather and seasons of past years. The Uncle Tom Cobley mechanical model will hopefully be ready to show. First shown fifty years ago in 1959. Made by the late Harry Price, whose grandchildren we hope to welcome to the Fair this year, to see it restored back into its former glory.  Tin mining on Dartmoor, with reference particularly to Brimpts.
Archives:   Peter Rennells gave the group a book of ‘engraved and boundary stones’ to add to our archives.  John Walling and Alan Goodall have promised to look out postcards of Heathercombe Brake School from their collections. Alan showed the meeting a postcard dated 28th December 1920, showing the interior of Widecombe Church . On the back was written, "I was married in this church today at 11.00 a.m. It was signed Beatrice. The signature is very similar to that of Beatrice Chase? Information/comments please.
North Hall / Glebe Farm: The property known now as Glebe Farm, (West Hayes and 35 hectares has been sold). The Farmyard and about 10 acres has been bought by Michael Lamb and Margaret Rogers. They have approached the group already expressing the hope that we will continue to research the North Hall site and its associated ground, which is now in their possession. West Hayes and a couple of fields have been bought by Mr & Mrs Casey and they too have expressed a desire to help the Group with our research. We sincerely hope to continue, with their cooperation, in building up the history of North Hall which has medieval and even earlier connotations. The old orchard has been neglected but there is hope that this too can be restored. Time will tell! We have a few young trees cultivated from cuttings from the orchard, so watch this space.
Annual one day outing 16th May 2009: Ann Claxton has collected most of the ticket money for the trip to Charlestown, Lanhydrock and St Neot. Anyone not yet paid up please contact Ann as soon as possible. We need some more copies of the Newsletter 22: Secretary will contact Sue Booty.
St Leonard's Tower, Newton Abbot: It appears that there are several of these medals with different coloured ribbons in existence, these were given to all school children in 1888 to celebrate the bi-centenary of the visit of William III, Prince of Orange on 7th November 1688.
Widecombe Heritage Centre: This is going to be a long running and extensive project. On Monday 30th March the 'steering committee' met and began looking into the various requirements for such a project. It became apparent that there will be a need for more members to be drawn into sub-groups as the process expands. The Old Reading Room in the Old Vicarage yard, is the proposed site. Correspondence is on-going with Jonathan Aylette, Agent to The Exeter Diocese. As a result the wall facing the village square has now been rebuilt, and ducting placed through the wall to aid with a supply of electricity to the building. A report on the above meeting was given by Roger Claxton.
Mr John Pidgeon has offered his services to make a preliminary examination of the property and will meet four appointed members on Thursday 2nd April at 10.30 a.m. Roger Whale and Anthony Beard will meet again with Mr Turner of EDF on Friday 3rd April, to review the cost of supplying the electricity connection.
History Group Membership: To be in a position to apply for grants etc the following actions will be needed: The Group needs to develop a list of members. There must be an annual membership fee.
A membership book will be produced by the May meeting and members would still be asked to sign in. It was decided that a membership fee of £1 per annum would be the £1 normally paid at the first meeting of the year (May), (or their subsequent visit if not attending the May meeting). The £1 per meeting would continue unchanged thereafter. This would mean that there would be NO extra financial cost to our members. Any member who is a tax payer would be encouraged to sign a 'Gift Aid' form, tick the appropriate column in the book each month and the treasurer would be able to reclaim the tax for the group's funds. Non members would still be asked for a donation of £1 per meeting, they too can sign a Gift Aid form if they wish. This Gift Aid can apply to any donations received by the group from individuals, who are tax payers. There will be a need for a simple constitution to be drawn up. Help with this is forthcoming from Teignbridge Council for Voluntary Service. Rachel Belgrave and Heather Garner, of The Old Vicarage, Widecombe, have offered to organise two Open Garden Days on 27th & 28th June from 2p.m. till 5 p.m. to help raise funds for the project. This offer was gratefully received. There will be a need for members to help with the tea and cake stall.

Correspondence and e-mails: An email looking for a contact for the Hext family has been passed to Lynn Hext to answer. The Elford family tree is still being sought. Secretary will reply to request about William Lambshead.  Secretary to check the “Norsworthy/Nosworthy Book in our Archives. Contact Michael Nosworthy. Request for details of Harriet Browning who attended school at Widecombe Church House in 1871 aged 7 years. We will try to oblige. The Devon Family History Society are trying to trace Smerdons, Warrens, Townsends and Hexts. Members of these families can obtain contact email addresses from the secretary. Enquiry for details of the late Winifrid Penn-Gaskell of Scobitor. Contact from a Marion McQuaide, looking for the history of the Avery family connections from Ideford and details of a Shadrack French born at Widecombe in 1838. She is prepared to give the Group a copy of her family tree when completed. If any one is prepared to take on the task of replying to any of the above please contact the secretary for full details.
Diary Dates: Tuesday 7th April. Princetown LHG have a talk by Robert Hesketh on Devon Place Names. Saturday 25th April. The Lustleigh Society are opening their Archive Centre at 2.00 p.m.
Saturday 25th April. The Devonshire Association President’s Symposium will be held at Devon County Hall, Exeter from 10.00a.m. till 5.00 p.m. Details from The Registrar, 01392 221737
Monday 27th April. Widecombe LHG will host ‘A Day at Widecombe’ from 10.30 a.m. for Ringmore & Shaldon Women’s Institute. Wednesday 6th May. Coffee Morning at Leusdon Memorial Hall from 10 a.m. till 12 noon, in aid of Rowcroft Hospice. Wednesday 6th May. Widecombe LHG’s Annual General Meeting. Followed by a talk by Dr Ian Mortimer entitled “A Time Traveller’s Guide to Widecombe”. This will be followed by our normal monthly meeting.
                                           The meeting closed at 9.55 p.m.
                                  A talk followed on The Historical Aspects of the Duchy of Cornwall by Elizabeth Stuart. 

  please click here to access that talk  

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