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A Meeting of The Widecombe and District Local History Group was held at The Church House, Widecombe on Wednesday 1st October 2008 at 7.30 p.m.
Apologies: Maggie Faulkner, Dougie & Lynne Pidgeon, Jim & Ruby Churchward, Betty Andrews, Carl Heywood, Mavis Clipson, Sue Boustead, Bessie French, Dawn Nosworthy, Alan & Mary Goodall
The minutes of the September meeting were read and signed as correct.

Please click here for Derek Gore's talk entitled Vikings in Devon

Mr Roger Whale was in the chair and 55 people attended including some new members and two visitors from Canada, Peter & Julie who visited us two years ago.
Widecombe Fair Marquee this year was tremendous success. Aileen & Peter Carrett, the co-ordinators of the marquee reported on a successful day and thanked all those who helped in any way with the marquee and reported that the “Grain to Loaf” demonstration went very well. Our thanks to Ian Shears who gave the impression that he would like to come again another year. It was felt that we should have something different in 2009 but keep him in mind for future years. Sue Booty produced a list of people that had expressed interest in our featured exhibits and a special mention of a young man who was fascinated in our mosaic, was he the person who made it and presented it to us two years ago? A CD of the several photographs of Widecombe Fair from 2007 was given to the group.
The partially repaired mechanical model of UTC created great interest and we look forward to next year when it is hoped it will be completed. The Price family, late of Drewsteignton, who’s grandfather Harry made the model and exhibited it in 1959, hope to attend next year’s Fair to make a presentation to the group. They were represented this year and expressed their delight that the project of restoration was progressing so well.
At our AGM in May we donated £200 to Widecombe Fair Co Ltd towards the cost of the marquee hiring, it was decided to donate a further £100 as the weather had affected the attendance so much this year and we felt that this would help with their funds.
The Widecombe Heritage Centre Project is still in a very early stage of development. The latest report is that The Archdeacon of Totnes and his committee meet on Wednesday 8th October. Our letter of 12th September to them will be dealt with at that meeting and we shall be notified of their recommendations and decisions. Ian Parkin (grant advisor) has replied that he is still available to help if we need his advice at any time.
When more details are available the secretary will organise an “Open Day” at the site for members to examine the building and so get a better insight into what may be involve. Once again Aileen & Peter Carrett have offered to provide tea/coffee to those attending which, as always, adds to the community attitude of our group and the camaraderie within it. Our thanks was expressed to them.
If it is decided to take this project on, Anne & Roger Claxton have agreed to be our ‘Project Co-ordinators’. We await with interest further correspondence.
A vote of thanks was recorded to Sally Morgan our Devon County Councillor for a donation towards this project. There is a need for a new constitution Gill Gray, of the CVS will help us with this and has provided a suitable example.
Widecombe website is being maintained and up dated.
The Devon Federation of Women’s Institutes visit of Monday 22nd September 2008.
Following the successful day last April, another group of about 80 members of various Women’s Institutes around Devon visited us and we provided them with what once again has proved to have been another very successful day at Widecombe. After tea/coffee and biscuits at 10.30a.m. we gave them some presentations about the parish and our group and after lunch in various establishments in the village we gave them a guided walk around the village, after which they gave us a very generous donation and purchased several of our publications. They have expressed a wish to bring another group of their members next September for a similar day and we have provisionally offered them Monday 21st September 2009. We await confirmation.
Shaldon and Ringmore Women’s Institute has also written to us requesting a similar event for their members in the Spring of 2009. We shall agree a date with them when they reply to our letter.
North Hall is continuing to occupy our research programme and to that end some of our members recently attended an open day at Shilston, Modbury, where under the guidance of Mr Robert Waterhouse, site Archaeologist, we were given a guided walk around the grounds. Some of the features found on our walk were most interesting.
Last year four cuttings were taken from the apple trees at North Hall Orchard. Three of the graftings have taken and grown on successfully. We have been advised that they should be planted this Autumn and so contact will be made with The Skinner family to get this done hopefully within the site of their orchard.
A constant appeal is made for any information about North Hall and Widecombe Town Manor. If anyone knows of any documentation concerning the above we would appreciate sight of it. Richard Casey has some documents about the North Hall fields. We hope to get copies of them.
List Of MembersThe secretary is compiling a list of names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses etc, of all our members. Could members please notify him of details.
 Ironbridge OutingThis will take place from Wednesday 15th to Saturday 18th October. Coach leaving Widecombe at 9.00a.m. and thanks to the co-operation of Paul Way we may leave cars in his car park. Secretary will write a letter of thanks after the event. A folder with full details was distributed to members who intend to go, by Anne Claxton, ‘organiser in chief’, and it was agreed to keep strictly to schedule.
 Programme for 2009:
It is to be hoped that the programme will be organised by the November meeting.
At our Exhibition in July a photograph of The Church House, Widecombe was exhibited c`1885 showing a view from the Churchyard with a thatched roof and some differences in structure, a copy of which was presented to Jenny Pascoe who received it on behalf of the Church House Management Committee. This will be hung in The Church House. Rodney Cruze then stated that he had a copy of the receipt for the supplying of ‘spar sticks’, labour and ‘niches of reed’ for thatching The Church House and he would try to find it and bring it to the next meeting. A copy of this could then be made to be put with the above mentioned photograph.
The secretary has replied to several letters and emails during the past month. Some were read out to the meeting and action will be taken. To date no reply has been received from Brimpts Farm. A letter regarding the French family was passed to Ruth Parnell to be dealt with.
 The meeting was reminded that The Tetra Mast Saga will be the subject of an Appeal at Parke Offices on 22nd and 23rd October. Details obtainable from The Dartmoor National Park Authority.
Diary Dates:
Thursday 2nd October. Mary Pascoe has arranged for members to visit Ashburton Museum at 7.00p.m.
Saturday 4th October. A Coffee Morning and Table Top Sale will be held at The Church House, Widecombe from 10.00a.m. till 4.00 p.m..
Tuesday 7th October. Princetown LHG has a talk by Colin Wakeham on Leather Tor Farm and its history 7.30p.m. at Princetown Primary School.
Saturday November 29th. Special Christmas Fair at Leusdon Memorial Hall 12.00noon till 4.00p.m. in aid of Hall funds. We have been offered a stall for our books etc.
Wednesday 5th November. At our next meeting we will have Jenny Sanders talking about the subject of The Dartmoor Village - a glimpse of its past and present, at The Church House, Widecombe, 7.30p.m.
Wednesday 3rd December. Rodney Cruze will give a talk on ‘Farming Implements of the Past’. He hopes to have the assistance of a couple of relations in demonstrating some of the equipment. Possibly a film show will be included.
Carols Down The Line will be held from Buckfastleigh Station on Thursday 11th December at 7.00 p.m. Any one interested in joining in this enjoyable event please contact Anne on 01362 621232 to book a ticket.
Wednesday January 7th 2009. Dr Tom Greeves will be our first speaker for 2009
Saturday 10th January. We shall hold our Annual Party at Leusdon Memorial Hall.Strictly limited to 80 members. Tickets on ‘first come first served’ option from Margaret on 01626 834737. This will once again take the form of a ‘bring and share’ supper, members can bring their own drinks and Peter Rennells will provide his usual excellent ‘punch’. We hope to see another ‘Price’ model “Sailor Sam” made reputedly from timbers of HMS Warspite demonstrated at our New Year Party.
The meeting closed at 10.08p.m.

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