History Group Minutes June 2008

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A Meeting of The Widecombe and District Local History Group was held at The Church House, Widecombe, on Wednesday 4th June 2008 at 7.30 p.m.

The Minutes of The AGM held on 7th May 2008 were read and signed as correct ready for the next AGM in May 2009.
Apologies: Doug & Lyn Pigeon, Carl Haywood, Marcia Babbington, Jenny Pascoe, Bessie French, Ruth Parnell, John Kimber, Peter Rennells, Pat Gibson, Alan & Mary Goodall.
Mr Roger Whale was in the chair and 51 people attended.
The minutes of the May meeting were read and after two minor amendments were signed as correct.
At the beginning of the meeting the secretary Anthony Beard was congratulated on being elected as The President of The Devonshire Association for the next year. He described it as a great honour and thanked the meeting for their best wishes.
Devon Record Office:
The arrangements for the exhibition at The Church House for 19th - 21st July are well in hand.
Tickets are going well for the film show at Leusdon Memorial Hall to launch the weekend. They are free and limited to 100, contact Margaret Phipps on 01364 631 421 for the remaining few.
North Hall:
In the absence of Peter Rennells it was reported that progress is still being made with this project.
Dr Waterhouse will be giving a lecture at Wembury on 12th June, we are invited to send four members to attend. Roger & Ann Claxton are intending to go so if any two others wish to go please contact them.
Widecombe Town Manor and Boundary:
The Stone donated by Roger Whale, and now being engraved by Andy Cribbett, Stonemason, at Dartmoor National Park Authority, will be placed at Two Crosses when completed, the work is progressing well.
Photographs taken by Aileen Carrett of the engraving process were shown at the meeting and this was greeted with great enthusiasm.
Secretary was asked to see if he could find any details of the Cribbett family having lived at Widecombe and send any findings to Andy. Jim Churchward and Roger Whale have nearly completed the task of tracing all the boundary stones.
Devon Womens Institute:
We await further details of their intended visit on Monday 22nd September.
Widecombe Tithe Map:
The Tithe Map has been digitised, and the resulting CD is currently being examined by The Parish Council. Copies hopefully will soon be available to purchase. Roger Claxton is intending to digitise the apportionment book onto CD, this can then be used in conjunction with the Map CD, to aid research, and will add greatly to its usefulness.
Our trip to Harrowbeer Aerodrome was a great success despite the poor weather. Ann is hoping to organise an illustrated talk about the aerodrome in next year’s programme. The next open day commencing at Knightstone Cafe will be on August Bank holiday weekend August 23rd, 24th & 25th from 11.00a.m. to 5.00 p.m. each day. It really is worth a visit. It is understood that Roderick Newbolt-Young has a copy of an old photograph of the aerodrome during the war years. We hope to see this soon.
Thanks to Ann for arranging a good afternoon out!
Widecombe Fair September 9th 2008:
Preparations for the Heritage Marquee are going well, and members of the ‘team’ have inspected the mobile unit coming to the Fair this year to promote Devon’s Food & Farming, with a demonstration of ‘From Grain To Loaf’ in conjunction with our other exhibits.

The Widecombe Fair Committee must be informed that there will need to be at least twelve feet between the front of our marquee and the next one to set this up safely. The Young Farmers will have an area of 20 feet by 8 feet in the marquee for their exhibits, with an exterior area below(east) of the marquee to exhibit some livestock. They have been informed and are happy with this arrangement.

Peter & Aileen Carrett are building up a list of helpers for the day in conjunction with the organising team. They have produced a plan of the marquee showing the proposed layout. Full discussion will be needed at our August 6th meeting in readiness for the Fair. Help will be needed with arrangements on Monday 8th as well.

The refurbishment of the Mechanical Widecombe Fair Model is underway. Another picture has been received from the Price family which will help a lot with the re-construction. Mike Wright reported that the mechanics are fascinating and Syd Pontin will be replacing the pieces of wood missing and Aileen Carrett has begun to repaint the characters.
Another Map of Widecombe:
It was agreed that a letter of thanks should be sent to Mrs Cullen for the loan of her map
The community film screen:
The anonymous gift of a protective cover for the screen was received with grateful thanks.
The secretary has responded to several emails and letters during the past month, some were read at the meeting. He said how pleased he was, that some members have volunteered to answer some of them on his behalf, this is of great help to him as he keeps the work of the group up to date. A new book, Devon Leather by Martin Bodman has come his way and he expressed the opinion that it really is a worthwhile read. At £22 including p&p it is obtainable from Martin direct. Phone 01884 34261 for details.
Letters of thanks have been received from Widecombe Church House Management Committee, Leusdon Memorial Hall Committee and Widecombe Fair Committee, for the donations we sent them from our Annual General Meeting.
Future Meetings and Diary Dates:
Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 2nd July when Simon Dell will give a talk entitled “Mutiny on the Moor” 7.30p.m. in The Church House, Widecombe. The regular monthly Coffee Morning will held at Leusdon Memorial Hall that morning at 10.00 a.m.
 Our next Outing will be on Saturday 5th July leaving Widecombe at 8.30 a.m. for Sidmouth and the surrounding area. Our outing to Ironbridge is on Wednesday 15th to Saturday 18th October. Full details of these trips are available from Ann on 01364 621232.
Richard Wells and Mike Jones have arranged The Peter Hirst Annual Memorial Walk which will take place around Brimpts Tin Mines on Friday 29th August. Meet at Brimpts at 3.30 p.m. for about a three mile stroll to the North Mine, followed by a buffet meal at 5.30 p.m. after which the members of the DTRG will conduct members around the Plantation and South Mine. The cost of the meal will be £8.00 and liquid refreshment will be available. Booking forms are now available and must be returned by August 6th with the payment. N.B. No bookings can be accepted after that date. Contact Richard on 01364 653707. Details of meetings of other local History Groups were read out to members. Notice of a sale of Dartmoor books, prints and postcards etc. will be held at The Church House, Widecombe, on Saturday 21st June at 11.00 a.m.
 The meeting closed at 10.10 p.m.


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