Widecombe History Group Minutes July 2005

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A Meeting of The Widecombe and District Local History Group was held at The Church House Widecombe on Wednesday 6th July 2005 at 7.30p.m.

Please click here for Mike Perriam's talk on the Moorland Erme

Apologies:- Margaret Phipps, Simon & Annabelle Booty, Michael & Andrea Venables, Sue Booty, Richard Casey, Bessie French, Joyce Heath, Roger & Ann Claxton, Jenny Pascoe and Rosemary Mortimore.

Mr Rodney Cruze was in the chair and 35 people attended.

The minutes of the June Meeting were read and signed as correct.



Lead: Jim Churchward, Anthony Beard, Rodney Cruze, Peter Rennells and John Kimber are going to make attempt at the ‘paperweights’ on Monday 11th July at 7.30 p.m. It is hoped that they may be available to sell these at Widecombe Fair this year in aid of the Church.

Drop-cloth: Peter Rennells and Rodney Cruze have made the brackets to fix the drop-cloth and hope to have this completed by the next meeting.

Ponsworthy: The research is continuing and the next meeting will be on Thursday 14th July at 7.30 p.m.

Widecombe Fair book and Heritage Marquee at Widecombe Fair 13th September:

The meetings are continuing well and the amount of new information connected to the Fair that is being uncovered is very encouraging. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 19th July at 7.30p.m.

The team still require much more in the way of memorabilia regarding the Fair, programmes, newspaper cuttings, photographs, write-ups and personal memories and knowledge concerning the sites of the Fair over the years, happenings, famous people that attended and copies of books and periodicals that make any reference to the Fair what-so-ever. Please contact the Secretary through our website:-


or by E-mail:-


Widecombe Fair Company Limited are providing The Heritage Marquee thanks to the generosity of Simon Blissett of BBD Marquees of Kingskerswell, and we will have a display of some of the information regarding the Fair which has been uncovered to date, as well as Ponsworthy and North Hall etc. We need old farm and property sale posters and catalogues, photographs etc that we can copy, laminate and display, (Returning the originals to their owners if they so wish). Rodney Cruze will make some display boards and stands and we will be borrowing some display cabinets for the day, thanks recorded to our Devon County Councillor Sally Morgan for her assistance with this. Peter Rennells, John Kimber and Rodney Cruze intend to man the marquee for most of the day but a rota will be needed of other members to help fill the gaps. This will be arranged and drawn up at our August 3rd Meeting. We shall be sharing the marquee with Margaret Phipps who will be promoting Local Holiday Accommodation and Colin Pearse who will have copies of his book “The Whitefaced Drift of Dartmoor’s ‘praper’ Sheep” on sale.

We shall also have copies of our books “All Along Down Along Widecombe Way” and “Dartmoor’s Policeman Poet” for sale, as well as copies of The Widecombe Chronicle and Dartmoor Gazette of April 1875, and hopefully our paperweights, Watch This Space! and perhaps copies of the tape by Widecombe School Children singing Widecombe Fair and Widecombe Bells.

E-mails:- July 05/01 from Mary Sawtell regarding the Cole family of Jordan Mill, Widecombe and of Moretonhampstead. A copy will be passed to Ruth Parnell whose late husband David was a relation of the Coles’, her family may be able to assist Mary with information.

The Friends of The Devon Archives Meeting Monday 27th June 2005.

Roger & Ann Claxton and the secretary attended this meeting when Stephen Hobbs of Hartland, North Devon, explained how ‘The Hartland Project’ has developed. This is a plan to copy everything possible relating to Hartland and the surrounding district on to C.D. or D.V.D. Documents, photographs, maps, minute books from all organisations and businesses, the church, chapels, school, anything, irrespective of its condition. A lot of archive materials are extremely fragile and are often unavailable for study, by copying into computer format the materials can be studied without further risk of wear and tear to the original. Hartland has a vast amount of records that have survived over the years and it is our considered opinion the Widecombe too has a remarkable amount that could be recorded in a similar fashion. Grants would have to be obtained for this purpose and firstly there would have to be a serious discussion to ascertain the true cost of such a venture. The equipment required is considerable, computer, scanner, printer, C.D.burner, to name but a few and also projection equipment, as the final product has to be available for all to view. To date Hartland have secured 340,000 images and 28,000 photographs which have amounted to over 300 C.D’s. Not only is this a fascinating project but it has to be realised from the beginning that it is a very slow painstaking and time consuming operation to undertake. It would be a tremendous long term commitment and would have to be carried under a strict regime with one person in supreme control with others helping. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Widecombe Parish Council;

The secretary attended the Parish Council Meeting on Thursday 2nd June and was invited by the Chairperson to address the meeting. He explained to the members the importance of the contents of our Parish Chest, and those of our chest and the position of The Tithe map and its associated register. More will come of this when we make a presentation at The Annual Parish Meeting on Wednesday 29th March 2006.

He informed the Council of “The Friends of Devon Archive Meeting being held on Monday 27th June recorded above and Councillor Steve Morley agreed to attend as the Council’s representative.

The projection screen which the Parish Council promised the group has been purchased and is now in the Church House and available for any organisation hiring the Hall to use

Our Archives:-

Richard Wells is continuing the good work of recording the contents of our chest and we were pleased to be able to supply Eileen & Peter Carrett with a copy of a sale document from our archives, of Oldsbrim in 1972. Some folders of Widecombe Fair newspaper cuttings have also come to light.

Reply to Mrs O’Kelly’s letter regarding War Memorials needs to be dealt with.

Local Notices:-

Thursday 14th - Ladies Social Group bowling at Leusdon Memorial Hall.

Wednesday 20th - Leusdon Shortmat Bowling Group Coach Trip contact 631421 for details.

Saturday 13th August - Widecombe Social & Entertainment’s Group Summer Party at 12.00 noon for the children and from 7.30 p.m. for the whole family. Tickets £10 adults, £5 children under 16. Contact 621294.

Eileen & Peter Carrett have a coffee morning at their home ‘Sussex’ opposite the Liverton Post Office and Stores at 10.30 a.m. Thursday 4th August.

Peter Hirst Memorial Stroll.

Richard Wells and Mike Cox have organised this for Monday 29th August (Peter’s birthday). Meet at Brimpts Farm 5.30 for 6.00 o’clock for cream tea £4 per person, to be followed by a stroll around Brimpts and a chance to view the environmental work being done there. Andy Bradford will give the group a talk about the farm and its enterprises and it is hoped that The Peter Hirst Memorial Stone will be in place by then for us to view. We hope also to see the Waterwheel that Peter and his colleagues erected at Brimpts a few years ago. Numbers and money at the August Meeting please

Anyone that missed the guided walk around The Pengelly Caves at Buckfastleigh may be interested in the fact that guided walks will take place on all Wednesdays in August at 11.00a.m. and 2.00p.m. Just Turn Up! Cost £4 per person.

Mike Perriam gave an interesting talk entitled The Moorland Erme and he will lead a guided walk over part of the area on Saturday 9th July meeting at Cornwood Square at 12.00 noon bring a picnic.

The August Meeting will be a discussion evening relating to memories of Widecombe Fair and Ponsworthy, and preparation for The Heritage Marquee at Widecombe Fair on September 13th 2005. We shall need to compile a rota of people to man the stand.

Visit to Dipleigh on Wednesday 13th July. Arrangements are well in hand to visit Sylvia Needham that evening from 7.00 till 9.00p.m. This will take the form of a ‘bring & share’ supper with Sylvia providing the liquid refreshment.

The September meeting on Wednesday 7th will be addressed by Helen Harris and her subject will be “Devon Century of Change”.

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