Widecombe History Group Minutes November 2004

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A Meeting of The Widecombe and District Local History Group was held at The Church House Widecombe on Wednesday 3rd November 2004 at 7.30 p.m.

Click here for the talk on Local Artefacts

Before the meeting began members stood for a two minutes silence in remembrance of Mr Peter Hirst, our Vice-Chairman, who died suddenly on Friday 15th October 2004.

Mrs Margaret Steemson then paid tribute to Peter, mentioning all the work, support and enthusiasm that he had given to the Group since it was formed, and for all the other work and support he had given to so many other organisations such as Widecombe Fair, of which he was Chairman, The Dartmoor Tinmining Research Group, The Widecombe Church House, as well as other Local History Groups, The Dartmoor National Park Authority and several other committees to which he had given such sterling service. The general feeling of the meeting was that Peter will be sorely missed. Letters of appreciation of Peter, have been received from other groups and individuals. A retiring collection held at his funeral in aid of The Friends of Widecombe School amounted to nearly £500.

Apologies:- Eileen & Peter Carrett, Michael & Andrea Venables, Terry & Bessie French.

Mrs Margaret Steemson was in the chair and 37 people attended.

The minutes of the October meeting were read and signed as correct.

Arising:- Now that we longer have the services of Peter Hirst the opinion was expressed that we owe it to him and his memory, to continue with the projects already ‘up and running’, and to assure that the group continues to flourish. The drop-cloth, lead paperweights, librarian, Widecombe Fair History and The Ponsworthy History Project, all need to be proceeded with as we enter the winter period, with renewed energy and enthusiasm. It also needs to be remembered that Peter was, on behalf of The Widecombe Parish Council, looking into the purchase of suitable fireproof cabinets for the storage of The Parish Documents. This task will also need to be, in conjunction with The Parish Council, brought to a satisfactory conclusion..

The secretary has signed the letter of agreement regarding the hiring of the Hall.


Oct 04/01 Amanda Arden Owen Tucker. We have replied giving details of a W. J. Owen Tucker of Natsworthy died February 27th 1888 and his wife Sarah Elizabeth died 23rd June 1877. The said W. J. Owen Tucker paid for the erection of the pulpit in Widecombe Church c1876.

Oct 04/02 Angus Harper. We replied with details of Will Young the potter.

Oct 04/03 Roger Claxton is setting up a ‘Pay-Pal’ account for the purchase of Widecombe Parish Documents C. D. He is also arranging for the permission of downloading details.

Oct 04/04 J. Anderson. - seeking details of Jay’s Grave. We have contacted him/her and await further news.

Widecombe Parish Social Club have a social event planned for Friday 5th November and further events nearer Christmas including a grand draw. Details 01364621294.

Community Landscape Project at North Hall. We are still awaiting contact from Sean Hawken.

St Antony in Cornwall. A letter has been received by John Kimber, from Colin Edwards, Principal Archivist to St Antony’s who will be contacting us later.

2005 Programme:-

Ann Claxton & Wendy Beard presented the group with a full and varied programme of speakers, guided walks, outings and events for 2005. Copies of the programme were distributed and a hearty vote of thanks was recorded to them for all their work.

Photographs from Eileen Carrett showing past outings and a request to publicise a forthcoming slide show at Liverton Village Hall on Thursday 25th November 2004 at 7.30 p.m. to raise funds jointly for Riding for the Disabled, & The Liverton Hall.

In the interval Freda Wilkinson showed the group copies of photographs of Sherrill, showing Peter Hannaford cutting ‘vags’ near Yar Tor and Ruby French cooking in the open hearth. These photographs will be shown in more detail at a future meeting by Roger Claxton and Chris Mayhead by using a computer and a projector.

Meetings for the The Ponsworthy and Widecombe Fair, History Projects, need to be organised during the winter months and run as ‘social cum business evenings’.

A. J. Coles, alias Jan Stewer, film still being ‘chased’.

The December Meeting to held on December 1st 2004 will be addressed by Dr Todd Gray on the subject - ‘Historical Images of Dartmoor’.

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