Widecombe History Group Minutes June 2004

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A Meeting of The Widecombe and District Local History Group was held at The Church House Widecombe on Wednesday 2nd June 2004 at 7.30 p.m.

Please click here for Dr Tom Greeves' talk on the Warren House Inn and the Surrounding Area

Apologies :- Margaret Steemson, Richard Casey, Michael & Andrea Venables, Rodney & Wendy Cruze, Barbara Guthrie.

The meeting asked the secretary to pass on their best wishes to our chairman Margaret who is unwell and hope that she will soon feel much better and be able to chair our next meeting. In her absence Peter Hirst took the chair and there were 40 people present.

The minutes of the A.G.M. and the May meeting were both read and signed as correct.


Drop-cloth awaits permanent fixing.

Richard Wells, librarian, reported that the system of borrowing material from our archives is ‘up and working’, researchers need to contact him and sign for any item borrowed.

Mr John Hodges of Torquay contacted Anthony earlier in the day to say that a new die has been made and is awaiting collection. Anthony will deal with this as soon as possible. It was agreed that if he will not accept payment for all his work a book token should be sent to him as a sign of our appreciation.


Ann and Wendy reported that the outing to Abbotsbury on Saturday 12th June is booking up well, there are still a few seats available, please book soon.


June ‘04/01 Looking for connections with the Hext family. This has been forwarded to Frank Hext as he has so much information regarding that family, to deal with.

Support for The Widecombe Social Group is continuing. 01364 621294.

It was good to see John Kimber at the meeting, making a recovery from a recent nasty accident. At present he has no further information on the St Antony storm saga of 1640, which is so similar to our ‘Great Storm’ of 1638.

The Community Landscape Project:-

Sean Hawken, the project leader based at Exeter, has contacted the group requesting that we organise a date to visit the "North Hall Site". Anthony will try to get a date agreed with Mr & Mrs Skinner and notify him. Anyone that would like to attend the site meeting should contact Anthony who will then notify them of the agreed date and time.

Peter Hirst, Peter Rennells, Tony & Joyce Heath, Audrey Mortimore, Aileen & Peter Carrett, all expressed an interest. It was suggested that John Pidgeon a local archaeologist should also be invited.

Secretary reported that he has been able to contact Pam Keen, wife of the late Stuart Keen, renown film maker. She believes that she has still a copy of the film made by him of A.J.Coles and All Along Down Along Lee. Anthony has agreed to contact the TSW Film Archives with a view of getting this transposed onto video so that more people can see this old film.

Parish Documents:-

The search for a suitable Fire Resistant Container for these archives is continuing.

The Local Community Police contact number was read out to the meeting. It appears that several ‘distraction’ burglaries and nuisance visitors are operating in the area. People must be aware and NOT let anyone into their homes unless they are positive that they are genuine callers or with previous appointments.

Contact 0845 2 777 444 if in any doubt about callers to your home or business.

We await with interest the offer by Ben Knibbs of C.D’s. of a concert given in the parish in 1978 and the C.D.Rom of photographs of local families.


The distribution of the draft of "100 years + of Ponsworthy - "Paunch’ry" in the vernacular (1900 - 2004), is continuing and already people are contributing information in order that amendments can take place to the original draft. Lots more please!

Visit by Chudleigh Local History Group. Peter Hirst was thanked for giving them such an enjoyable guided tour of the village, 32 people attended. Well done Peter.

The evening with Ernie Furneaux at Holne was a success and £269 was raised for charity. Those that attended had a most enjoyable evening and it proves the point that an event like this when a senior member of any community is prepared to relate what he or she remembers about the area and is prepared to answer questions from the floor about the district and its history is very valuable.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 7th July 2004 at 7.30 p.m. when the speaker will be Geoffrey Weymouth and he will be giving an illustrated talk on Dartmoor Mires.

This will be followed by a guided walk given by Peter Hirst around Fox Tor Mire on Saturday 10th July 2004 meeting at the Princetown Car Park at 12.00 noon.

Bring a packed lunch.

Parish Mystery Tour Wednesday 14th July depart Widecombe at 6.30 p.m. return at 11.00 p.m. stop for ‘pub snack’ on way home. Tickets £5, book by 10th July, 01364 631421.

The meeting closed at 9.56 p.m.

Dr Tom Greeves then gave the meeting an interesting talk about The Warren House Inn and the nearby Vitifer Tin Mines. He then offered us a guided walk around that area on Wednesday 9th June commencing at 7.00 p.m. Meet at the car park east of the Inn.

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