Widecombe History Group Minutes September 1999

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The minutes will be found below. Details of the talk on the Industrial Archaeology of Dartmoor will be found here.


A meeting of the Widecombe and District Local History Group was held at the Church House, Widecombe in the Moor, on Wednesday 1st September 1999 at 7.30 p.m.

Mrs. Margaret Steemson was in the Chair and there were 26 people present.

Apologies :- Jenny and Michael Pascoe, Pam Clare, Archie, Audrey and Rodney Mortimore, Peter Rennells, Jim and Ruby Churchward, Betty Andrews, Bessie French, Jenny Sanders, and Pauline and Roy Barnes.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and signed as correct.

There is a need for 10 more newletters - Vol.3.

Bonehill: Freda's notes passed on to Tim Whitten.

Newhouse: Mapping continuing.

North Hall: There has been an offer to finance the purchase of a copy of the aerial photograph of Widecombe Village and the North Hall ground currently held by The U.S.A.Defence Records. Roger Claxton will explore the current available information through the internet and act on it. The question of whether there are any aerial photographs in the collection of work by the late Mr Ruth of Ashburton/ Pixieland, near Dartmeet, Mrs Ruth currently lives in Kingsteignton. Freda Wilkinson, Jack Elliott and Mary Cherriot would explore different channels and report back. Roger Claxton offered to scan and copy any such photographs that can be borrowed and also magnify them. Jeremy Butler still being pursued for information and photos.

Memorial Hall Film Show 30.10.99: Secretary hopes to have the tickets by the next meeting for distribution.

Group Library: Books and leaflets still accumulating.

Beating the Bounds: Sub committee will soon be having another meeting.

Hannafords of Widecombe: Geoffrey Hannaford expressed great interest in the fact that so many Hannafords were in the Parish in the last century. Jack Elliott gave him a copy of the Hannafords in his 1890's 'White's Gazette and Directory' . Jack will try to get the Widecombe pages copied and then laminated so that less handling of the book is necessary.

List of papers etc -available to borrow: Peter Hirst still compiling details.

Archives: The need to continue collecting archive material, maps, documents, sale catalogues etc. The need to obtain further storage space for our material was emphasised. Another wooden chest or similar would suffice. Various people offered to investigate possibilities. Possible request in the Parish Link.

Projects to be or already in hand for research and publication

Reading Room

Policing: Geoffrey Bamsey

Post Office and Postal History: Jenny Pascoe

North Hall: Peter Rennells

Newhouse:June Kernick (Peter Hirst mapping)

Telephone (exchanges numbers etc): Geoffrey Bamsey

Dipleigh: Sylvia Needham

Religious Buildings (Leusdon Church) Margaret Steemson & Geoffrey Bamsey

Huccaby Races: Freda Wilkinson

Parish Chest Wrapping: Group Exercise

Cataloguing Apprentices Documents:Roger Claxton & Group

Cataloguing Parish Chest/Group Chests: Peter Hirst & Group

Widecombe Church House and Lands Charity: Anthony Beard

Widecombe Educational Foundation: Anthony Beard

The continuation of the Parish Chest Wrapping needs to be organised at October Meeting.

Members are to be encouraged to write up what they have so far found out about their chosen project, even if it is only a couple of paragraphs. This will enable others to read what has been recorded and researched and then they, may well be in a position to add that knowledge and information.

Geoffrey mentioned the marvellous cover that Lady Sayer designed many years ago and is still in use on the Leusdon Church Guide.

Millennium Record: To be decided if a photographic record is to be desired of people and property?

Tucker Stone: Anthony reported on the progress to date. He has written to Widecombe Parochial Church Council to request that the stone should be placed in the church with a suitable card explaining its history and its relevance to the pulpit, (a copy of this would be added to the minutes). The council meets in about a weeks time and a reply is awaited. Anthony, then produced a copy of a Tucker crest , borrowed for the meeting from a Mr Tucker at Shaldon. A different branch of the family and the crest varied slightly from the stone, but demonstrated the heraldic colours. Peter Rennells has obtained details of the Tucker crest, heraldic signs, their interpretation and the heraldic terms for different colours, all this will be of help for this project and any others in the future.

Geoffrey Hannaford told the meeting that his grandfather George Hannaford was horseman for the Tuckers at that time and brought the stones for the pulpit from Hameldown to Widecombe for Aaron Warren (stonemason) to work on.

A Village Flower Festival - A Millennium Celebration of Village Life 17th - 20th June 2000: A letter was received from Mrs Barbara Newport, the Rector's wife, inviting the group to participate in a Village Flower Festival due to be held in Widecombe Church between 17th and 20th June 2000. The meeting agreed that we should support the Festival and be responsible for one of the floral displays with a theme of the group\rquote s activities and the history of the parish co-opted into the display. Secretary will write and offer our acceptance. The funds raised from the festival will be for the Tower Appeal Fund, currently raising �100.000 to refurbish the tower and rehang the church bells.

Widecombe Chronicle and Dartmoor Gazette (reprint). Copies are still selling with the cooperation of The National Trust Shop. Anthony thought that Widecombe Fair Day may be a useful occasion to promote them. 50 pence of each copy goes to the church which was what the original publication was produced for.

Details of talk will be found here.

Transcribe Cine Film to Video?: Dinie Brick of Bellever requires information on transcribing 16mm film to video. 01822 880309

'Pages of Peace' by Beatrice Chase: Mary Cherriot of Buckland wishes to purchase a copy of the above book. Anyone seeing a copy please let her know.

Teas: A vote of thanks was expressed to the tea ladies and those who helped them.

Rota:- October: Pauline and Roy Barnes.

Additional Chest: The need for another chest or cupboard to store our ever increasing archives was discussed. Various ideas were aired including possible appeal in the Parish Link Newsletter.

Tavistock Mines Token: Anthony showed the meeting a token given to him recently.

As there was no further business the meeting closed at 10.15 p.m.

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