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The following talks are recorded for 2017:

Devons Amazing Hedges by Dr Robert Wolton

A Talk by Ann Widdecombe

Little Poland by Ken Holland

Conservation & Restoration of Exeter Cathedral by Peter Dare

The following talks are recorded for 2016:

Foundations of Archaeology – A Community Archaeology Project 2015-17 by Philippe Planel

Dartmoor Search & Rescue by Alan Pewsey

Riding Across Southern Europe by Tracey Elliot-Reep

The World’s First National Park by Kirsty Peake

Dartmoor Prison Bicentenary by Simon Dell

Lost Devon by Felicity Goodall

The Life and Times of 17th C Moretonians by Bill Hardiman

Tavistock vs Taj Mahal by Andrew Thompson

Stepping out of the Stone Age by Nick Powe

The following talks are recorded for 2015:

The Wildlife of Dartmoor by John Walters

The R100 and R101 - Britain’s Last Great Airships by The Reverend Nicholas Pearkes

Prehistoric Dartmoor the view from Bodmin Moor by Dr Paul Rainbird

The Roman Army in Devon by John Allan

Ugbrooke House and the Clifford’s by Helen Turnbull

Violet Pinwill’s Dartmoor Churches by Dr Helen Watson

Winston Churchill - His Finest Hour by Brian Portch

Burrator Reservoir & its Social Impact by Paul Rendell

Church Houses in Devon by Sue Andrew

Metal Detecting Around Dartmoor by John Smith

Artic Cycle Challenge of 1999 by John Lowe

The following talks are recorded for 2014:

Richard Caton Woodville - Chudleigh War Artist by Brian Portch

Horses in Agriculture and Industry by Mr & Mrs Graham Williamson

The Devon Air Ambulance Trust by Mike Date

Riding for the Disabled - The South Dartmoor Riding for the Disabled Group by Lynne Pidgeon

The History of The Mary Rose by Dr Peter Marsden

Rowcroft Hospice Torquay by Debbi Shotton

Beatrice Chase (Olive Katherine Parr) by Simon Dell

Plague and Pestilence in Devon 1338 - 1647 by Jill Drysdale

Remembrance and War Memorials of Devon by Dr Todd Gray

Dartmoor's Threatened Plants by Rev Geoffrey Fenton

The Historic Borough of Bovey Tracey by Dr Frances Billinge

The following talks are recorded for 2013:

Snippets from Buckland Archives by Pat Watson

The Trevisker Project by Joss Hibbs

Peter Orlando Hutchinson by Phillippe Planel

Golden Dagger Mine by Dr Tom Greeves

Update on the WHG Digitising Project by Roger Claxton

Archaeology of the Haytor Area by Andy Crabb

The Handley Page Hampden Bomber that crashed on Hameldown on the night of 21/22 March 1941 by John Lowe

The Didworthy Sanatorium for TB patients by Paul Kemp

The Devon and Dorset Coast and its Hinterland by Tony Burgess

A Brief History of Parliament and Reflections of a New MP by Mel Stride

The Whitehorse Hill Cist by Jane Marchand

Isambard Kingdom Brunel the Victorian Engineer by Brian Portch

The following talks are recorded for 2012:

Out and About on Dartmoor by Mike Wright

Dartmoor Birds by Richard Hibbert

Reminiscences of a former Housemaid in Buckingham Palace by Yvonne Thoms

Industrial Dartmoor by Paul Renndell

Greenway by Robyn Browne

Pictures From the Past by Steve Bowditch

Whiteworks Tin Mine by Andy Crabb

Dartmoor Tin Mining by Mike Wright

The Swing Riots by Terry Faull

The Mariners Way by John Risdon

The Restoration of Buckland Court by David Burke

Eden Phillpotts by Phil Page

The following talks are recorded for 2011:

Foales Arrishes and Haytor by Mike Wright

Investigating Landscape History by Philippe Planel

Haldon Belvedere and the Palks by Rev. Christopher Pidsley

Excavation of Bellever Round House by Simon Hughes and Andy Crabb

Kingskerswell Manor House by Gerald Quinn

Roof Bosses in Devon by Sue Andrews

Ancient Trackways by Tim Berry

Four Willsworthy Farms by Dr. Tom Greeves

Christmas in Devon by Todd Gray

The following talks are recorded for 2010:

Refugees in Stover by Clare Thomas

The History of the Meteorological Office by Peter Kaminski

Widecombe Tithe Map and Apportionments Book by Roger Claxton

Archaeology of the Moors around Widecombe by Andy Crabb

Dare You Climb Your Family Tree by Mary Hyland

New Directions on Devon's History by Dr Todd Gray

The History of Paignton Zoo by Rob Lovell

The Changing face of Widecombe Discussion

The History of Bell-ringing and the Bells of Widecombe Church by Mike Pascoe

The following talks are recorded for 2009:

Old Photographic Images of Dartmoor by Dr Tom Greeves

Illustrated talk on Dartmoor Wildlife by John Walters

Historical Aspects of the Duchy of Cornwall by Elizabeth Stuart

Time Traveller's Guide to Widecombe by Dr Ian Mortimer

Devon Watermills by Martin Watts

The Stover Canal by Roger Harding

My Early Days in the Royal Navy by Commander Charles Crichton (retired)

The building of Exeter Cathedral by Dr. John Allan

Hand-Bell Ringing by Ian Campbell and members of The Guild of Devon Ringers

The following talks are recorded for 2008:

Mutiny on the Moor by Simon Dell

North Hall 1998-2008 by Peter Rennells

Understanding Geophysics by Penny Cunningham

Exeter During World War II by Dr Todd Gray

Incomers to Devon by Helen Harris

Lost Devon by Felicity Goodall

Vikings in Devon by Derek Gore

The Dartmoor Village by Jenny Sanders

Farming Implements and Tools of the Past by Rodney Cruze

The following talks are recorded for 2007:

Flint Knapping by Dr Bruce Bradley

Old Ashburton (Part 2) by Wendy Major

Dartmoor from Mesolithic_to Medieval Times by Len Copley

Dartmoor Clapper Bridges by John Stuart

The Archaeology of Quarrying and Mining on S. E. Dartmoor by Phil Newman

Something In Common - A Talk on the Dartmoor Commons by Tess Walker

The Latest Findings of The Princesshay Project by Peter Stead

The South Devon Railway by Ted Parrott

The following talks are recorded for 2006:

Prayers and Potions : Death & Disease from a Medieval Perspective by Jill Drysdale

The Merrivale Archaeological Landscape by Jane Marchand

The Work of The Dartmoor Archive by Natalie Gibbs

Candy Art Pottery 1922 - 1950 by Mike Jones

Lost Devon by Dr Todd Gray

The Houses and Cottages of the Bedford Estate, Tavistock by Dr. John Goodridge

The Stone Men of Dartmoor by Paul Rendell

A Look at Farming in the District over the years - a discussion

The Life of Rev Sabine Baring Gould and the Folk Songs that he collected by The Wren Trust

The following talks are recorded for 2005:

A Countryman's Home by Jenny Sanders

The Dartmoor Bracken Project by Dr Sandy Gerrard

Underground Mining in Devon by Chris Kelland

The History of Dartmoor Prison by Trevor James

Pengelly Trust and Caves by Sheila Phillips

The Moorland Erme by Mike Perriam

Devon's Century of Change by Helen Harris

Devonport Naval Base by Commander Charles Chrichton

Favourite Slides of Dartmoor by Mike Wright

From China to Widecombe: The Three Hares by Dr Tom Greeves

The following talks are recorded for 2004.

Dartmoor after the Ice Age by Roger Claxton

The Abbots & Lych Ways by Len Copley

Community Landscape Project by Sean Hawken, Exeter University

Historical Images of Dartmoor by Dr. Todd Gray

Local Artefacts by John Allan Ex-curator at Exeter Museum

Mercer's Dartmoor by Prof. Ian Mercer

Old Ashburton by Wendy Major

Writer Vian Smith by Bob Mann

History of the Warren House Inn and Surrounding Area by Dr Tom Greeves

The following talks are recorded for 2003.

Ancient Farmsteads in the Central Basin of Dartmoor by Jenny Sanders

Archaeology at the DNPA by Debbie Griffiths

The Military on Dartmoor By Lt. Col. Tony Clark. Rtd. O.B.E.

The Dartmoor Peasant by Freda Wilkinson

Fire and Water on Dartmoor Discussion

Lesser Known Tors of Dartmoor By Tim Jenkinson

Military Activity in and around Widecombe 1900 onwards Discussion

Old Tin Miners and Mining Activities on Dartmoor By Dr Tom Greeves

Romans in SW Britain by Derek Gore

History, Aims and Achievements of the Annual Dartmoor Ten Tors Expedition by Andrew Hamlyn

Thatching by Rodney Cruze

Life in the Widecombe Area in and Around the Seventeeth Century by Freda Wilkinson

The following talks are recorded for 2002:

Second Group Discussion on Transport

Victorian Costume by Kate Strasdin

The Northern Moor by Len Copley

Archaeology of Devon from the Air by Frances Griffith

The Hydro-Electric System at Old Walls, Ponsworthy by Miles, Gail and Luke Fursdon

Dartmoor Artists & Writers by John Weir

Wildlife on Dartmoor by Roger Hoskings

The Dartmoor Pony by Elizabeth Newbolt-Young

Devon's Privies - ‘A nostalgic trip down the Garden Path’ By Shan Toynes

The following talks are recorded for 2001:

The River Dart from source near Cranmere Pool to Holne Bridge by Geoffrey Weymouth

Dartmoor Railways and Tramways by Len Copley

Field Archaeology by Lynn Walmsley

History of Kelly Mine at Lustleigh by Grahame Spink and Peter Roberts

The Art of Calligraphy by Susanne Haines

Our First Transport Discussion

The following talks are recorded for 2000:

Dartmoor Antiquities by Ted Birkett-Dixon

Man’s Influence on the Dartmoor Landscape by Peter Wakeham

The Website, Database and Internet by Roger Claxton

Leats and Waterways on Dartmoor by Len Copley

Legends and Folklore of Dartmoor by Dave Addis

A Light Hearted look at Local Parish Churches by Michael Vyner

The Folklore and Medicinal Uses of Plants on Dartmoor by Colin Ridgers

Dartmoor’s Megaliths and Moonlight! by Brian Byng

The Life of the Salmon in the Dart and its Tributaries by Mike Maslin

Dartmoor - A land under pressure and its sites and sounds by Brian Maddock

The following talks are recorded for 1999:

Dartmoor Longhouses by Jenny Sanders

Prehistoric Dartmoor Mr Mike Perriam

Tinners & Warreners of Dartmoor by Mr Len Copley

Walk to Trowlesworthy Warren by Mr Len Copley

History of the Devon Constabulary by Simon Dell

Industrial Archaeology of Dartmoor by Helen Harris

Ancient Trackways of Dartmoor by Paul Rendell

North Hall by Peter Rennells

Dartmoor and its Treasures by Ted Fitch


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